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It’s a good idea to get an automatic feeder that has a big hopper to store a lot of food and also a timer capable of dispensing several times a day to satisfy the food intake of both cats. This system works only if your cats are good friends and can eat together. There are special wall-mounted automatic feeders like the that can be adapted to dispense food in different directions with a little bit of ingenuity. If your cats don’t like to eat together or if one cat (usually the chubby one) likes to steal the other cat’s food, could help you to resolve that.


The Lusmo cat feeder can be programmed to provide cat food up to 3 times a day, and each feeding time can feature a specific amount of cat food. The minimum serving is 1/6 cup, and a max food of 1 cup at a time. We recommend this automatic feeder for:

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You will definitely enjoy the experience of using an automatic cat feeder. So whether you are going out of town for a few days or need help in your busy schedule, choosing any one of the best automatic cat feeders can help you and your cat day in and day out.


To give you the best of the best, we have found that the whether you have one cat or multiple cats. Made with high quality materials and able to fully customize the schedule and amounts of food, this automatic cat feeder is sure to suit your cat’s needs.

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Currently there is some amazing technology available to help with pet care. Today Dr. Eloise Bright from discusses whether an automatic pet feeder can help cats struggling with their growing waistline.No more food bowls! No more automatic feeders! The science behind The NoBowl Feeding System inspires change to your normal cat feeding habits. NoBowl enables cats to fulfill their natural hunting instinct during mealtime, turning cats into what they always wanted to be: happy, healthy hunters.As a vet I have my concerns about the use of automatic pet feeders if people use them as an excuse to go on holidays and leave their furry friends unattended. I see too many blocked cats that have suffered because their owners missed that they weren’t using the litter tray. That being said, almost 50% of our pets are overweight and many of my clients are sick of me nagging them and really struggle to. This is where I really see the potential for an automatic feeder like the .cat-powered automatic cat feeder - this dispenser is self-regulating according to a simple algorithm: while your cat's hunger exceeds his laziness, he shakes the feeder, eats the pellets, repeatsThis is where the automatic pet feeder comes into its own. There is no real magic to weight loss. Simply move more, eat less. But even for people this simple formula can be troublesome. The traditional hunter that would sleep then hunt has been replaced by a sedentary being who no longer needs to do those short bursts of hunting activity up to 7 times daily to survive. The most exercise many cats get is walking to the food bowl then seeking another sunny spot to rest in. Not ideal for the waistline.The ideal way to use the automatic pet feeder for weight loss is to continue feeding wet food or meat twice daily for breakfast and dinner, but allocate a very small amount of dry food for those other small snacks throughout the day and night. You may find a teaspoon is all you need for those additional 5 small meals from the automatic feeder. Just enough of a snack to keep the metabolism going and reduce that feeling of starvation during the dieting phase.