This high-tech cat feeder lets your cat avoid human interaction.

While some people prefer timed pet feeders, others just want a reliable one that only opens for specific pets. You don't want your dog or baby accidentally getting into the cat kibble bowl, so that's what microchip feeders are for. Either implanted or worn around the collar, these feeders sense the chip when it's nearby and only open when your cat is in the vicinity.

Treat your pampered pussy to a designer cat feeder, sure to please even the fussiest of felines.

The idea that cat’s won’t overeat is laughable. Many cats overeat if given the chance, some pathologically so. It’s a very serious health risk to pet cats; ask a vet some time if you doubt it, or google. And I’ve had numerous gravity fed feeders over the years; while convenient, they provided precisely zero deterrent to a cat that already overate.

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Basic cat feeders or combos shown without a black stand and Kibisan (not for free-standing). Do you hate having to get out of bed very early in the morning to feed your beloved cat? You’re not alone. Do you also travel a lot? You would worry about how your cat would fare in your absence. Do you also work all day long? All these everyday issues may make it difficult to care for your pet. However, it can easily be solved if you get any one of the best automatic cat feeders.

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5 Stars – For cat owners who are frequently away from their cats on business trips and holidays the Gempet PF-103 is the perfect automatic cat food dispenser. Powered with an efficient APP capable of running on all Android and iOS devices, you can schedule your cats feeding times over the internet/WIFI connection and the unit offers 2 way talk back capabilities so you can engage with your pet through your phone anywhere in the world.

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Here is simple way to install Your cat Super Feeder on your outdoors porch and keep them from eating all your cat food! All it takes is about $6.00 worth of parts--an aluminum (preferred) or vinyl gutter down spout (about 16"), a couple of straps, and an elbow (example). We recommend a metal gutter because it's very easy to cut with tin snips, can be stretched and bent to suit, and most of all, it will help make it small animal-proof like rats and raccoons. Gutters are also available in brown color and vinyl material. The set-up displayed above is using the CSF-3XL. The CSF-3XL is supplied with the 1.5 gallon hopper, which can supply up to 1.8 gallon of dry food if used with two of the feeder's supplied clear extensions--One is recommended as displayed to see when the food gets low. Helpful tips for gutter installation, if food bounces out of bowl when coming down: Squeeze together the bottom end of the gutter to slow-down the food as it comes down, or place the end close to the bottom of the bowl, or slip a piece of sock over the end. If you have animals like raccoons around, be sure to also protect the wiring and rubber plugs at the side. Square 1/2" hole type chicken-wire protection wrapped around the very bottom part is highly recommended against raccoons. For very best protection of your investment, enclose the whole unit like many other examples here from past customer. Combo #24 (far right) This indoor "Double CSF-3" combo comes with a dual-outlet ACDT-31 Woods 7-Day digital timer to trigger both feeders simultaneously, 2 mounting stands and two special Kibisan. Each feeder holds 4 3/4 cups of food and can be expended later with extra 2-cup extensions or the 1.5 gallon hopper. Both feeders come with the optional chute cover installed for added protection against that "locksmith" cat. Each feeder includes all hardware needed and can be all assembled in minutes with just a small and medium tip Phillips screwdriver. Place them apart from each other , or back-to-back as shown. Train each cat to eat at his/her own feeder! Great for that naughty cat who likes to steal the other's food at feed time.