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are another way to contain your dog, rabbit, or guinea pig. (Most cats will just climb over.) These wire pens come in foldable sections and are great for traveling. You can also extend an exercise pen and use it as a temporary fence between buildings or along a porch or patio.

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$26.99-$33.49 MidWest Dog Kennel Top Sunscreen Top - Midwest® Kennel Tops for Outdoor Dog Kennels Kennel Tops keep pets in and predators out! All three styles are made in the USA! Item Specifications: Rope Net Top Weather-resistant black nylon fiber net top. Fits all 2'W x 8 Panel exercise pens when setup in a 4' x 4' square. Attaches with zip ties (included) or bolt snaps. Made in the USA. Sunsc ...

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24" Pet Playpen 8 Panel Metal Dog Cat Exercise Play Pen Yard Portable With Gate In the cat boarding area is a large exercise pen: It is a 6 foot tall 5 by 3 foot structure with shelves, window-view to birds and trees, sisal scratching posts, and natural branches. All cats get a chance to individually visit the play area each day to break the routine of boarding. We find that most cats do extremely well in our setting. .

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Fences and Exercise Pens 20748: Metal Playpen Kennel Large 8 Panel 32 Heavy Duty Cage Pet Dog Cat Barrier Fence -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $104.99 on eBay!

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A cat exercise pen can be attached to the house, and uses little space if it is taller than wide--felines love to climb--with the approximate dimensions of a shower stall. Equip it with a litter pan, climbing posts and sitting shelves.Fences and Exercise Pens 20748: New Bestpet Black 32 8 Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen Cat Fence -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $69.99 on eBay!Fences and Exercise Pens 20748: Pet Playpen Dog Cat Rabbit Puppy Pig Play Pen Cage Folding Run Fence Crate New -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $47.47 on eBay!The adopter should be equipped with an extra-large dog crate or with a large exercise pen covered with mesh wire (we may be able to provide these supplies free of charge). We will also provide a small, plastic crate that will be placed inside and to the back of the larger enclosure. This provides a hiding place for the cats. These items will be returned to KHS at the end of the three week confinement period. The cats will be provided with: a litter box, which needs to be scooped or cleaned daily; dry food and fresh water at all times; and a portion of canned food every day. It is recommended that a portion of the cage/crate be covered with a sheet. This will allow the cats to feel more protected and hidden.· The commitment and ability to keep the cats confined to a crate or exercise pen with a wire top for up to four weeks to acclimate them to their new environment before releaseare excellent for visiting and traveling for cats, dog, rabbit and ferrets. The Professional grade fold down and reconfigure easily and can be joined to create multiple turnout areas when traveling with multiple pets. All wire exercise pens come with gaits, a free carrying case and 3 bolt snaps for secure pen closure. Scroll Down to learn more about exercise pens and best practices.