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Julia!!! you are amazing,this enclosure is genius., our Hobbes is 1yr old, we rescued him from outside our house on a very busy road in the shrubs, he was about 2 weeks old barely a pound, and has never really been outside, I will not rescue this sweet kitten to let him outside to lose him to drivers, owls or even coyotes I to feel very guilty about him not going outside, my dog does, it is a fenced in yard, well the cat smacks him on the butt on his way in and out, as if to say I want outside to. this is an incredible idea and one my husband would easily enough be able to build something like it, TY for posting all of this so my imagination can run wild for our Hobbes. so very sorry about your beautiful Harry, he was a very lucky little guy. thanks so much, 🙂

DIY Cat Enclosure for Indoor Cats that Wanna be Outside Cats...HAVE to have this for my cats.

Of course not. Some of the concerns a cat owner has about a cat being free outdoors still apply even when outside cat enclosures are used. For example, cat flea control must be used, but that is easily accomplished by using Frontline Plus for Cats or Advantage for Cats.

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DIY Cat Enclosure for Indoor Cats that Wanna be Outside Cats...HAVE to have this for my cats. My mom is in a bit of a bind. She's in the process of the selling her house and if everything continues going as it is she's going to be "homeless" for about 30 days before she can move into her next house. She's planning on staying with her sister in the guest room and her stuff will all be put safely in storage. The problem is, she has 4 outdoor cats. The cats love my mom but are pretty skittish with other people. They also rarely ever come inside (and one of the males still sprays even though he's 14 and fixed!). My moms house now is pretty big with a large yard full of redwood trees and bushes everywhere. The cats love it in the yard and never want to come in. So now my mom is totally stressed out about what to do with the cats for a month. One cat is pretty old. He's healthy but he's about 14 now. The 2 females are 10 and 11, healthy but are the most skittish. And the other male is actually quite sick right now. Im thinking she might need to put him down. So anyways the only other thing we're thinking of is getting one of those large outdoor cat enclosures to put in my aunts backyard. Probably a square 8x10 thing or maybe 8x12. Its not anything like they're used to but they'd still be outside and at least my mom can ensure they wont run away until she can get moved into her house. Is this completely cruel to do this to these cats? They wont get to come out of the enclosure at all. If they did they'd bolt and never come back.. I feel bad but she doesnt know what else to do. The cats will be completely freaked out as it is being moved to a new place.

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An outdoor cat enclosure that allows walking outdoors and protects from different kinds of danger associated with outside areas. Metal and wood are materials that are protective and harmless for animals.

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