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Fitted with an elastic safety strip for cats that like to climb trees. Easily adjustable to fit little kitties or big tomcats. Each collar is fitted with a small silver coloured bell attached to a small D-Ring that can also be used to hang an from.

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A cat shock collar is very similar to what its name describes. It usually looks like a regular collar, but it contains a small device that delivers an electrical shock. While the shock isn’t designed to inflict pain, there are better alternatives to altering your cats behavior.

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Buster disposable protective collars for dogs and cats - an ideal and inexpensive solution. She is miserable with the cone, yet her incision was looking a lot better yesterday since she couldn't get at it. No more redness. It's a small comfy cone, and it fits her well, but it seems a bit heavy for her 6.8lbs. She walks around a little but she mostly wants to cower and look miserable with it on. I feel so sorry for her but she won't leave her stitches alone. I know normally during the day she sleeps a lot and so does Sherlock, and the pain medicine makes her drowsy too, but I work 12 hours today and tomorrow and I feel awful knowing she has to wear that for such a long time. My husband gets home a couple of hours before I do, but in all honesty I don't really trust him to watch her without it because he won't pay attention and she'll probably hurt herself yanking them again. Her stitches are supposed to be taken out next Tuesday, and I'm off this weekend so I can watch her, but I'm just wondering how do you guys do it, those who have had had to put the dreaded e-collar on their cat? I just want to leave work and go cuddle her, poor thing.

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Thank you for sharing the DIY collar! I made one for my 13 yr old calico cat. I did have to overlap the top and used Velcro to secure it because somehow she turned it and was able to lick the spot near her tail until it was bleeding. You are awesome for sharing.

How to Put an Elizabethan Collar on a Cat: 5 Steps

I’m not one of those pet owners who likes to dress up their dog or cat in doll-sized human inspired clothes. An animal is an animal to me, and that’s it. However, when it came time to spay my lovely Pixel cat, I couldn’t bear to put her through the torment and humiliation of an e-collar, aka “the cone of shame”. I already felt bad enough for her.In conclusion, if you have old leggings or shirts with sleeves lying around that you don’t care to repurpose and you have about thirty minutes to spare, it’s much cheaper, nicer, and funnier to make your own e-collar for your spayed cat.