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i never thought of buying a water fountain for my cat. ANyway, i never gave her any drinks. She gets them from the rainwater most of the time. The only time I gave her milk or water was when she lost her voice.

$21.00 Cat fountain for the boss kitty who prefers to only drink from running water sources.

Cat water fountains come in a variety of sizes. If you have more than one cat, it’s wise to pick one a cat fountain with a large reservoir. Some models can hold around four liters. It’s recommended that cats drink a minimum of 60mls per kg of weight per day (), so you can do the math and see what size fountain will suit your feline family best.

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We get asked a lot about cat water drinking fountains to replace a standard . Your cat will be naturally drawn to the filtered, flowing water in a cat fountain, encouraging your cat to drink more. Staying hydrated keeps your cat feeling her best and helps prevent urinary, kidney, and other health issues.

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Make sure your cat still has other sources of water in case he isn’t too happy with the new addition (we are 1 for 2 in my house). Just like with new food, some cats might be very stubborn and not want to drink from the new water source (at least not right away). Keeping a bowl or two of the regular water source near the new fountain will help you cat realize that the fountain is not “scary,” just new.

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Technology has come a long way since I had my first cat. Back then, I gave her water from a bowl and never gave it a second thought. I did notice that she preferred to drink from our kitchen faucet whenever she had the chance though. As knowledge of animal health progressed, new products have improved our pets’ quality of life. Cat drinking fountains are one of those inventions.Drinkwell Platinum is the absolute best seller of cat water fountains. It’s a smart product to encourage your pet to drink more water. Keeps the water circulated and filtered by replaceable charcoal filters. The free-falling system aerates the water and adds oxygen for freshness. Comes with a new, modern design and with a quiet submersible pump. It can hold 168 fluid ounces of water.