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Most of the dog doors and cat doors offered in this section are designed for installation through a screen. Could be a window screen, sliding screen door or the screen in a screened in porch. The other type is the 'instant' or hanging screen door which may be installed in any doorway whether regular door, sliding door or French door.

Pet Screen Door for sliding screen doors | Cats and Large Sized Dogs | Extra Large Size

The Carlson door has a dual pane lexan flap, which is overkill for this situation, but it does come in a pretty big extra large size, 15 1/2" x 26". Has a knob which locks the flap in the shut position and a bolt on locking cover which probably isn't very useful in a screen application. Only comes in brushed aluminum.

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Pet Screen Door for sliding screen doors | Cats and Large Sized Dogs | Extra Large Size Conveniently let the dog or cat out. Choose a variety of pet doors for screens including screen guards, adapters, clip on screen mesh doors & more!

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A: Measuring your pet for a screen pet door is slightly different than for some other pet doors. If you choose a screen dog or cat door that installs completely in the screen material, then it is the same as anything else, using these . However, if you're installing something like a , you will need to take into account that the pet door will be securing to the frame of the screen. This means that you may need a taller pet door flap than you would normally! The top of the flap should sit at least 1 inch above the tallest point of your pet's back, and the width should be wide enough that their sides don't hit the frame of the pet door.

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