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The e-Cat™ Electromagnetic Cat Door was designed with your Ideal Pet’s safety and sense of adventure in mind. The Magnetic Collar allows only your pet to activate the cat door for easy and controlled access. Additional collars are available for multiple pet households and can be purchased separately.

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Simplify your life and save energy with the 7 in. x 9 in. Small Plastic Electronic Cat Flap with Magnetic E-Collar. Give your cat (and only your cat) automatic access to shelter day and night and get them in out of the heat, rain, and cold without any fuss or scratching at the door. The Included E-Sensor collar de-activates the electric lock on the door when your cat approaches and allows only your pet to use the door, keeping unwanted animals out. Economical, sturdy and dependable, the door is simple to install with easy to understand instructions. Keep your pet safe and happy with an Ideal Door.

Trixie Electromagnetic Replacement Cat Collar Magnet

The Magnetic Collar allows only your pet to activate the cat door for easy and controlled access → The rattling of keys and the pitter pattering of rain can also activate the door. The LARGE COLLAR is TOO bulky for cats and small dog breeds, and cost $40 each. They sell an inexpensive door, but it requires an EXPENSIVE and unreliable bulky collar. Pets lose their collars and pet tags break off and need to be replaced often, so high-priced pet tags will add up quickly. Solo Pet Tags are only $12.

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Tired of your dog scratching or barking at the door when they’re ready to come in? Are you worried about leaving your pet outside in the bitter cold or hot sun without indoor access? If you can’t install a pet door, why not try a personalized pet doorbell? The new is the first collar-activated doorbell that easily mounts on a wall, door or glass to help you control the indoor and outdoor access of your dog or cat. There are no mats or buttons to push, so minimal training is required if the doorbell is installed at the same door your pet uses most frequently.

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As long as your pet does not mind wearing a collar, this is a great collar activated cat door. Even though this model is made specifically for cats, it can still work as a collar activated dog door for smaller dogs.How do they work? Electronic and electro-magnetic pet doors open in response to a signal from a "key" attached to your pet's collar when your pet is a few inches from the door. Some keys activate the door that then opens like a mini garage door. In some units the "key" releases the catch so the pet can push the door open. The catch locks immediately after your pet has gone through the door, keeping out strays and roaming neighborhood tomcats.