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Kuenzi Family Pet Hospital offers a full range of dental services for cats and dogs including dental examinations, extractions, and oral surgery as well as home care instructions for keeping your dog's or cat's teeth clean and healthy.

At Val Vista Animal Hospital, your cat’s or dog’s dental cleaning includes:

My 14 year old cat has never needed a dental cleaning his whole life, and I don’t brush his teeth either. I give my cats raw chicken necks about once a week, and all that gnawing scrapes away the tartar and keeps their teeth in excellent condition. Some have called the chicken necks “nature’s toothbrush” and I would have to agree.

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At Val Vista Animal Hospital, your cat’s or dog’s dental cleaning includes: Getting your kitten used to having her teeth brushed is a bit easier than starting with a grown cat, but brushing your cat’s teeth can be done. Start your tooth-brushing ritual by getting your cat used to the idea. First, place a little cat toothpaste (never human toothpaste) on your finger, and let her lick it off. Eventually, wrap your finger with some gauze and gently massage her teeth and gums (you can also use cat dental wipes or a pet toothbrush, but again, never a human toothbrush). Start slowly, trying to clean only a tooth or two at first, then gradually increase the time and number of teeth.

FAQ's about pet dental cleanings for your dog or cat.

If folks are concerned about feline dental procedures, I've been down that road with my cats on numerous occasions. Believe me, cleanings are preferable to having abcesses set in and involving intrusion into bones or even the auditory tissues. I have seen cats so bad, open wounds appeared in their fur on the outside of the body to drain. Teeth are something you have to keep up on.

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Houndstooth Non-Anesthetic Veterinary Dental Service (NAVDS) has specialized in preventative dental care for dogs & cats for nearly 20 years and is regarded as the premiere provider in this unique field. We offer thorough dental cleanings without the use of anesthetics. Your cat's dental cleaning begins with a physical examination, in order to evaluate his or her general health. Next, your cat is given an anesthetic for a safe and painless sleep during the dental cleaning. Tartar is removed from your cat's teeth with a hand scaler. Next, a periodontal probe checks for pockets under the gumline where periodontal disease and bad breath begin. An ultrasonic scaler is used to clean above the gumline, while a curette cleans and smoothes the teeth under the gumline in the crevices. Next, your cat's teeth are polished, creating a smooth surface. Finally, the gums are washed with an anti-bacterial solution to help delay tartar build-up, both under the gumline and on the crown of the tooth.