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Some cats may dislike silica gel litter crystals, especially cats who are uncomfortable with new things. Litter crystals are also more expensive than conventional clumping clay litters. Some brands require that the litter be turned daily to ensure even absorption of urine, and this can get to be a hassle.

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You need one litter box for each cat, plus one more, suggests the Humane Society of the United States. While silica litter can last for as long as a month, if you have multiple cats or a larger kitty who dirties the box quickly, you may need to change it more often. It can take some time for your furry friend to adjust to the new litter. Rather than going cold turkey and swapping litter overnight, use a mixture of clay litter and silica. The next time you change the box, use the mixed blend, but add more silica crystals. As long as your kitty tolerates the change, swap to straight silica litter. Some cats are finicky about scents. If your feline strays away from the litter box, opt for an unscented variety the next time around.


Are you worried about respiratory health? Consider a dust-free crystal or natural cat litter Crystal litter is a silica gel that starts in solid granular form and becomes a gel when when it is exposed to moisture. The gel dissolves and congeals when the cat urinates. The cat uses the crystals like any other litter to cover its feces.

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Note: Premium litter crystals work differently to self clumping cat litter; clumping clay cat litter is used for clumping the waste, however the blue crystal cat litter works in such a way that it absorbs the moisture and effectively dehydrates the cats waste. As a result of this the crystal blue litter reduces all odors significantly.

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I have been field testing crystal cat litter for 6 months. “Crystal” cat litter is made from Silica, just like those little packets of crystal beads with the warning “do not eat!” you often find in packaging to keep things fresh.Another difference was in crystal size. Dr. Elsey’s has very small fine crystals which is best for fishing out the turds as I don’t have to sift or shake the scoop which helps prevent kicking up dust. ExquisiCat’s crystals were just too big, making it exteremely difficult to scoop. If you go with that brand I recommend finding a scoop with very large spaces between the tines. Petco Crystal litter is in-between. Sometimes I get crystals stuck in my scoop (a litter lifter) but for the most part, the crystals fall through with 1-2 shakes.This is one area where the brands differed. Dr. Elsey’s by far has the least amount of dust, both when pouring and scooping. ExquisiCat came in second. Petco Crystal litter has the most dust, especially when I’m stiring up the pee spots. I would say of all the types of litter I have tried so far (clay, corn, wheat, walnut) that this has the least dust.With both the clay and walnut litter, I had to clean my cat’s feet to remove the dust which clings and clumps in-between their toes. I was briefly concerned that the cats would eat the crystals or have trouble from licking it from their feet but luckily that has not been an issue.