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Even though the above are the best cat trees for large cats you can buy with your money today, sometimes people look for something different like a small corner cat condo or a stylish, modern looking tree. This is why I have included this list below so hopefully there is something that suits you. These alternatives still cater to large cats.

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Many timid cat breeds like the Rag-doll, Maine coon, and the Persian, look for safe harbor in the home where they feel safer staying out of the way of the goings on during the day. Introducing the cat trees for large cats provides them the elevated perch they need to not only escape trouble, but to be able to enjoy a visual advantage and pay closer attention to everything taking place within their environment. The cat knows there is little chance that they can be ambushed from the rear, so they become more docile as they get accustomed to their new habitat. If you cat like to hide inside where they feel safe, consider keeping the cat tree away from the window where sudden noises and movement might actually frighten them.

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Increasing Your Cats Territory
When you own a larger cat, they have very limited space within the home to move around during the day. The introduction of the cat tree instantly adds vertical space and increasing their territory. Cats might not be comfortable sharing space on the windowsill or on the stairs, but they will consider sharing the cat tree because of the separation of space. Larger cats enjoy the cat tree because it gives them the opportunity to get higher in the room than they had been able to do previously. A good quality cat tree will last several years, and in addition to giving your larger cat a place to explore, they can also use the apparatus for scratching. New cat trees are equipped with scratching posts made from bark, sisal, and bare wood.

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Creating Peace Between Cats
If you have a cat like Maine coons and introduce a new kitten to the home, it is going to take time for these cats to understand their relationship within the family unit. The biggest benefit of the cat tree in this situation is that the larger Maine coon can mark their territory on the highest perch, allowing the other cat to claim a perch lower down the tree. While the relationship between the cats may be tense at first, the cat tree will allow them to position themselves and their territory, reducing any physical confrontations that could occur early on in their relationship.Cat tree in the shape of sunflower. Construction is made of wood and covered with soft carpet. Suitable for medium and large sized cats. Charming addition to the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need.