Cedar Outdoor Friendly Tarzan Cat Tree - Outdoor Cedar Cat Condo

Fall—Autumn brings almost perfect weather—not too hot and not too cold. The air is crisper and a bit chilly, but there is still plenty of sunshine and outdoor fun for your cat. Your cat may enjoy playing in a pile of leaves in his outdoor cat fencing. You may also want to place small pumpkins or squashes in his cat condo where he can jump over them or attempt to roll them around, depending on their size.

Cedar Outdoor Crystal Tower Cat Tree - Outdoor Cat Condo Price: $399.00

The outdoor condo was built to match the house, complete with a green tin roof. Careful thought went into the design. I knew from previous experience that I did not want it to have a dirt floor or pine nuggets or mulch covering the floor because those materials will lead cats to believe you have graciously provided them with the biggest litter pan ever! I used indoor/outdoor carpeting to cover the area, and they still think I am pretty perfect because now they have a great place to sharpen their little claws! I found an old industrial pallet and used that as a platform for 3 covered litter boxes (although most cats prefer uncovered litter boxes, mine like the privacy). I also built them a lounging day bed complete with cat house and a ladder to enter and exit the condo from the inside of the house. There is a door from the outside that allows me to enter and clean the boxes.

SunCATcher 5x8 Cat Cage, Cat Condo, Outdoor Cat Enclosure

4ft SunCATcher Cat Cage, Cat Condo, Outdoor Cat Enclosure. I love this product. So many variations. "Officer Jamie Pietroski, a 15-year veteran of the Boston Police Department, stayed late after work for several nights painstakingly preparing Swat Cat's new home," . "The condo features a spacious studio interior layout, a large deck for outdoor dining and glass sliding doors offering panoramic city views."

Cedar Outdoor Friendly Tarzan Cat Tree - Outdoor Cedar Cat Condo

Heated Cat Pod 2 Doors Outdoor Cat House Shelter Bed Condo | eBay $179.55 made from Igloo ice chest upside down and cat door in the side. Heating pad inside.

8ft Diameter SunCATcher Cat Condo, Cat Cage, Outdoor Cat Enclsoure

This tutorial will show how to make an Outdoor Cold Weather 'Cat Condo'. Our neighborhood seems to have more than our share of homeless cats and my wife ...Freedom Window Door to our amazing outside SunCATcher Cat Condos and build a safe outdoor playground your felines will love==///==I understand that many people want to protect cats from outdoors dangers of cars, dogs, other cats, pesticides. I also understand that in urban areas it may be essential to do so. However, "Freedom Window Door?" A little bit of Orwellian Newspeak going on here.5x7.5 Foot Sectional Outdoor Cat Enclosure, Cat Condo - 1/2 " wire spacing. This would be so freakin' amazing to have for my pet birdies on our back deck.When it comes to giving your cat a bath, your feline may put up a fight. While cats are fascinated by looking at water, they do not like to get wet. Before removing your cat from his or her outdoor cat condos, carefully prepare the bath using warm water. If your cat is small, you can bathe him in the kitchen sink. A larger cat may need to be bathed in the bathtub. Make sure the water is not too hot or too cold. Once the water is ready, take your cat out of his outdoor cat condo and place him in the tub. Talk gently to your cat, telling him everything is fine. Use a gentle cat shampoo or baby shampoo to clean the coat. Be sure to rinse your pet thoroughly. After the bath is over and your cat returns to his outdoor cat condos, he will start to groom himself. If any soap is left on his coat he will end up ingesting it, which could cause diarrhea or stomach irritation.