STAR WARS Little Trooper Cat Collar, For Necks 8"-12"

Buying your pet holiday cat collars is a fun way to celebrate almost any holiday. Some of the most adorable holiday collars from Halloween to Christmas are pictured in the following images. Each collar pictured is a break-away collar. This means it will open up if it gets caught in something, keeping your pet safe. If you see one you are interested in just click on it to be taken to a site where you can get more information.

Christmas Gift Idea - Custom made leather dog and cat collars, leashes and more

They stay on well but if cat gets caught they can get them off without hassle. Only had 1/4 cats take it off and after removing it a few times he's now come to terms with it. Found tightening it a bit stopped him from removing it as not so easy to get his mouth and claws between his neck and collar, so if you have a rat bag having it a lil firmer fitting is better to stop them removing

Good2Go Blue Link Breakaway Cat Collars, For Necks 8"-12"

Collars—with identification–are your pets’ fastest ticket back to you should they become lost. Other breakaway collars feature a short length of elastic fabric woven into the collar that expands when you tug it. This kind of collar will also release your cat if they get caught on an object. The weight of their body, or pressure applied to the collar by tugging, stretches the elastic and lets them escape. You can find breakaway collars at most pet supply stores or online for about the same price as a regular collar.

STAR WARS Join the Dark Side Cat Collar, For Necks 8"-12"

It's a good idea to keep a spare collar and tag on hand. If your cat loses their collar and tag, you can immediately outfit them with a replacement set. This is a cheap way of ensuring that your feline friend will spend their life where they belong—with you!

Good2Go Pink Link Breakaway Cat Collars, For Necks 8"-12"

Perfect gift idea for your new furbaby! Cat Collar Charm / Name Tag - Personalized Fish Charm - ID Tag For New Pet - New Kitten Gift - Phone Number Pet Charm - Engraved Cat TagsThis stunning baby pink Linny leather cat collar has been delicately embellished with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals for that little extra sparkle.★ Handmade Cat Collar ★ Collar will be made in your choice of size, using the cotton fabric pictured above. All collars are made with high-quality and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat appaThese are very nice collars, love the colorful choices and the ability to add a bell. I gave it a 4 because it is rather stiff. Although this adds to the durability of the collar, for a cat, perhaps the nylon could be a little thinner to provide a softer fit. A. Anyone working in an will tell you: It is far more likely that your and never returned home than it is that he will be harmed by his collar. That’s why I recommend that you keep a (and license, if are required to be licensed in your municipality) on your cat at all times. It’s important even if your , because you can’t guarantee there will never be an escape.
While I do recommend you keep a safe collar and ID on your cat at all times, having a collar that allows your cat to slip free means that your pet may quickly shed his life-saving ID when he's on the lam. That’s why you need to have a as well as a collar and ID.