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You can easily attach a pet locator to your cat’s collar. Gps for cats are lightweight nowadays so your cat almost doesn’t notice it’s there. Some cat gps have special features. For example, A cat tracking collar normally has a battery life of a month or more. A gps cat system often has an app for iOS and Android, and with some cat GPS you can track several cats. Check our selection of best cat gps below.

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This GPS technology tracker can be used with any collar, which is a plus. However, although it is advertised as "small," its dimensions are 3" x 2" x .9" thick, which is somewhat bulky for a cat. The tracking function is provided by the company's website; it also provides a geofence mode, wherein boundaries are set (on the company website) and an alert is sent to a cell phone, website, or by email when the pet exceeds the boundaries.

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With the cat GPS tracking collar you'll be able to give your feline friends the independence they crave without losing track of them Like many of these comments, I too have Whistle. I bought Tagg when first out. It was great and precise. They were constantly updating the technology to their website and support was great! At one time, after warrantee had expired, one of the collar transmitters wings were chewed off. Tagg replaced unit FREE OF CHARGE! The day Whistle acquired Tagg, all went to hell. The site did not track daily activity like Tagg did. Receiving notification your pet is outside the safe zone is a minimum 10 minutes until you get the notice and likewise when returned to safe zone. The “real time” tracking sucks, pet may be out of safe zone for 30 minutes and will show only one position on map. Tagg would actually track pets travel. False notices, like middle of night when dogs sleeping in my room not wearing transmitters…Go figure! As for customer service, Tagg was top notch…Whistle sucks! Have tried contacting them several times via Whistle site never getting a response. Currently have one of my two just stopped working. Looking for replacement for two better made GPS units that comes with good customer service> Any suggestions?

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How does a particular GPS pet tracking device work? How are you able to access your pet’s location? Some wearable pet tech comes with its own tracker unit, while others use computers or mobile apps. Another important factor to consider is whether the app uses a wireless connection, Bluetooth, or another connectivity method. Scollar smart collars use Bluetooth and mobile app connectivity to keep you connected.

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