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Cat owners around the city of Athens, Georgia volunteered their cats to be fitted with Kitty Cams in order to collect data regarding the cats’ predation habits. The researchers secured a video camera around each cat’s collar, which allowed the cat’s activities to be recorded without affecting its ordinary behaviors. It was found that, on average, cats only brought home about 25% of what they killed, ate 30%, and left the remaining kills where they died. These findings may explain why so many species which make up cats’ typical prey are dying off so rapidly. The fact that cats kill without mercy or remorse was not the only thing learned by the project. Researchers were surprised to find that cats aren’t only dangerous to birds and small mammals.

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PetSnaps realized the obvious difficulty facing our four-pawed friends was their lack of opposable thumbs. Like, how the hell was a cat supposed to hold a phone? Well, thanks to the genius of the selfie stick, there were options to be explored — if you could just integrate one into a collar, you’d overcome the first obstacle. All that remained was to figure out how to actually take the picture. But that’s where voice control — or, should I say, “woof control” — comes in. With the owner’s help for the initial setup, cats and dogs can have the unique character of their barks, meows and purrs registered, stored and recognized by their smartphones or tablets. And, just like that, hands-free pet photography was born, literally. All hail the PetSnaps Camera-Collar.

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May 11, 2017 - $10.99 Camera attached to a Cat Collar with twist ties. Y2000 mini cam Interesting footage of my cat exploring the neighborhood. If the collar comes off, in addition to finding it along with the higher-quality video camera, you’ll have more videos and pictures to enjoy. Don’t worry about the weight. It only adds another .67 ounces to the collar. However, I don’t want it for the extra photos or videos. Those are just bonuses since the main camera provides higher quality footage. I want it because it’s the best product for the price when it comes to locating the collar. I’ve searched for hours for the very best option for the price.

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The Cube also offers the convenience of easy attachment to pet collars along with the ease of use that comes from one button to begin and end the recording process. These small cameras are only 1.4 inches on all sides making them a lightweight choice suitable for collars on most cats.

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There were reports of an “angry cat” prowling the neighborhood, so the owner of this cat decided to put a collar camera on his own cat, to see if he can catch this “evil cat” on camera. The outcome of the video was completely shocking! It turns out that this friendly, cuddly and warm kitty turns into a monster as soon as he leaves the house! He chases neighborhood cats, and picks fights with them! Have you ever considered putting a camera on your cat to see what they do when they leave the house? Please SHARE the video!How is this possible you ask, with the Polaroid Cube cat collar camera. Attach this lightweight camera to your cat and let all their rambunctious behavior play out. The best way to catch your cat’s eye view is by turning the cube on video going about his or her day. The footage you get will be incredible. The Polaroid Cube is a durable camera that can withstand the bumps and bangs that are likely to occur when your cat jumps and climbs, and does all of the cute things that he or she does throughout the day.