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DIY anti flea cat collar Cat Flea Collar #1: Rosy Floral 1 teaspoon unflavored vodka 1 drop geranium essential oil Cat Flea Collar #2: Mild Cedar 1 teaspoon unflavored vodka 1 drop cedarwood essential oil

The Zodiac Breakaway Flea & Tick Collar for Cats kills & repels fleas and ticks.

I just commented on your natural flea remedy page but wanted to quick mention on this page regarding flea collars. I put a flea collar for cats on my 1 year old indoor calico. After 2 days it became stuck around the back of her head and the inside of her mouth as she was playing with one of the dogs. The cat flea collar has a “breakaway” that failed to do its job and stayed on her head while I scrambled to pull it off her as she was having seizures and scratching me up all over. After pulling it off she had all the signs of toxic poisoning and I called the vet to bring her in immediately which saved her life. Poisoning is fast as it was only stuck for maybe 3 or 4 horrifying minutes in her mouth while she ran away and ran under furniture while I tried to grab her to get it off. She immediately was paralyzed below waist, her head drooling, she kept panting with a moaning strange sounds. She was poisoned and would have died. I will NEVER use flea collars again as my animals play with each other and the fact this got stuck in her mouth while I was home was LUCKY for us all as straight to the vet for poison treatment to save her worked. I read Teresa’s comment from April 8th and sad to hear her dog was fatally poisoned by eating the flea collar. People please do not use these collars especially on younger animals that may lick or put them in their mouths. If the animal gets it in their mouth don’t wait & see if the animal gets better, take immediately to the vet for anti poisoning treatment as that may be the very SAD difference btwn life and death. Be safe everyone. Love our animals.

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The Zodiac Breakaway Flea & Tick Collar for Cats kills & repels fleas and ticks. However, and with that being said, we do encourage you to also take a look at the other 4 flea collars for cats, since you may have specific needs that you find there and not in the Bayer Seresto flea and tick collar for cats.

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It’s just that after the research we did for this article and according to the criteria that goes into determining what flea collar is best for cats, the Bayer Seresto flea and tick collar was the clear winner by a long shot.

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For cats over 12 weeks of age. Kills: fleas; flea eggs; flea larvae for up to 6 months. Controls flea reinfestation for up to 6 months. Sergeant's Gold Flea Collar for Cats (over 12 weeks of age) kills fleas and flea eggs for up to 6 months. Collar is sustained-release system containing four active agents working to provide head-to-tail protection. Thus, collar has the effect of simultaneous usage of a spray and powder in the control of fleas. Use Sergeant's Gold Flea Collar for Cats (over 12 weeks of age) year round for most effective control. The adult fleas you see on your pet make up only part of an infestation; over 90% of a flea infestation can lie in the pre-adults forms of the flea (egg, larvae, pupae). This collar protects your pet against reinfestation for up to 6 months. To protect against adult fleas, the collar should be replaced every 6 months or sooner if needed. Made in USA. The packaging, however, may be a critical factor. John Gicking, an emergency and critical care vet at , isn't familiar with this specific collar. But, he tells The Dodo, "it is known that some flea products for dogs are toxic for cats."