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Playing with and touching your cat’s paws will assist you in getting your cat used to having his or her paws handled as well as gaining trust prior to attempting to trim claws. Gently massage your cat’s toes and paws while snuggling and playing and occasionally apply pressure to the toes forcing the nails to extend. To extend the nail, place your index finger under the toe and apply pressure to the top of the toe with your thumb. This gentle act, during times of mutual affection, will encourage less resistance when actually performing nail trimming.
Trim the nails regularly approximately every ten to fourteen days. Trimming is best accomplished in a well-lit room. Good lighting may help you to avoid accidentally cutting the ―quick, too. When looking at the extended nail, we note darker pigmentation closer to the foot (at the top of the nail). This is the quick. Most cats have light colored toenails, making it easier to see the quick. The quick extends down the nail a short distance past where you can see it. Always trim the nail just past where you think the quick ends. Cutting the quick can be painful to your cat and make your cat less cooperative during future nail trimming sessions. Cutting the quick will result in bleeding. If you accidentally cut into the nail quick, apply gentle pressure with a styptic stick or powder to stop the bleeding.

This is our cat Jersey. You can see how much she enjoys her claws being trimmed. Sarcasm intended.

My cat will not let me trim her claws. She runs away when she senses that I am going to hold her. I have tried to let her smell the clippers but as soon as I try to use them she is gone. The only success we have had is to trick her into the bathroom, close the door and wrap her in a towel. None of us wants to do that again. She is generally skittish and fearful. It can’t be comfortable for her to keep getting her claws caught on things. Please help.

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For a more detailed explanation and pictures of how to trim your cat's claws, . I think the best way to handle it is to stay on top of trimming their claws. I use toenail clippers and come in at an angle. Even my most unruly cat lets me trim his claws (with minimal biting in the process). Of course I give him treats after, so that helps smooth things over. Plus it’s a double-win because not only is the furniture damage nullified but when they give you a little massage afterward it doesn’t feel like they are giving you a tattoo. 🙂

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If you’ve got a cat that is not excited about having their claws trimmed, or sitting in laps, or even having people look at them maybe, it’s a good idea to wrap them in a towel or blanket before attempting this. 😀

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