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During 2009–2013, Cathedral City had a median household income of $44,406, with 20.5% of the population living below the federal poverty line.

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Cat City. The classic cartoon movie was a perfect hand-drawn movie,with a silly, but funny plot, and with great jokes. But what about thesequel? I must say, it is perfect, too. Yeah, it's not as good as thefirst, but still amazing, with lovely new characters. The best thing inthe movie, is the fact, that our favorites, the old characters areback.'s not the best thing. The best things are the jokes!The scenes like Bob Polajkov, the two mouse-guards, the rats and thepoker-party are unforgettable. I really like it, it's (too) short, butit has worth the 20-years waiting.

SPOILER!!! SPOILER!!! People ask, why is Safranek in bandage at the endof the movie. Well, the answer: When Safranek asks "What about peacebetween us?" from Grabowsky, Teufel says: "Safranek, please, come withme to my office." Well...poor Safranek. :) SPOILER END!!!

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Living Lines Library: Macskafogó 2 / Cat City 2 - Model Sheets & Sketches There are two types of taxi operating in the city, the main taxi is the red and yellow while the larger is painted in blue, which is more comfortable but expensive known as the "executive taxis". In 2014, a taxi booking application named "" was launched and making the city as the fifth area after , , and Johor Bahru that have the applications. The main bus terminal is the Kuching Sentral, which just launched in 2012. It is located in the south of the city, about 5 minutes away from the Kuching International Airport and 20 minutes from the city centre. The terminal serves a long-distance destination to , and in Indonesia. Another bus terminal is the Old Kuching Bus Terminal, it is still operating as some of the bus companies that supposed to use the new terminal are unwilling to use the facilities due to some ongoing disagreement. Other minibuses or vans services also available in the city.

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Kuching is located on the banks of the in the northwestern part of the island of . The limits of the City of Kuching include all that area in Kuching District containing an area approximately 431.01 square kilometres (166.41 sq mi) bounded from (Mount Lasak) in Muara Tebas to (Crocodile Rock) in the Santubong peninsula following a series of survey marks as stated in the First Schedule of the . As a simplification of the legal statute, the Kuching extend from the in the south to the northern coast of the Santubong and Bako peninsulas; from the in the west to the Kuap River estuary in the east. The generally splits the city into North and South. The highest point in the city is on the Santubong peninsula, which is at 810.2 metres (2,658 ft) above sea level, located 35 km north of the city centre. Rapid urbanisation has occurred in Greater Kuching and the urban sprawl extends to Penrissen, Kota Sentosa, Kota Padawan, Batu Kawah, Matang, Samariang, , Tarat, , as well as which is located about 65 km from Kuching.

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