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My cat absolutely loves the petmate cat track cat toy crazy circle! I like that it is interactive, and it is also very durable. My kitty Ezzy is three years old and she has had this for a year now. It is still in great shape! It is so enticing that she keeps coming back for more and more! I know some people have said that their older cats get bored with it, but not mine! she just loves it! I also think it is great that it gives her something to do when i am not home. She is my only pet and i used to feel bad leaving her home alone. This toy has helped a lot because i know it is something to keep her busy while i can not be there. It is also fairly priced, and it has been worth the money so far. I am going to buy one for my moms cats because they get bored so easily and i think they will really like it. Overall, this is a great durable toy for any active kitty and pet lover! You can not go wrong with this one!

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Casper still likes to play with his Crazy Circle cat toy once and a while. He gets down like he’s stalking the ball and pounces and then tries in vain to fish out the ball from the track. Good toy for all our cats!

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Crazy Circle Cat Toys The Best For Kids I bought this toy for my cat after watching a friend's cat play with hers. My cat instantly thought this toy was so much fun. It kept her occupied for a long time! And it was pretty entertaining for me to watch her try to figure out how to get the ball out of the circle!

My cat loved it so much I bought one in a smaller size for her. She didn't seem to like the smaller one as much. She likes to sit in the middle of the big one, and she won't fit in the middle of the smaller one.

After many months though my cat has lost all interest in this toy. I'm not sure why. She is a cat after all, and cats are finicky! I think I'll put both of them away and reintroduce them later.

This is a great, inexpensive toy for any cat!

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There’s nothing like the good old-fashioned cat and mouse game to keep your feline going for hours. This automated interactive cat toy will enchant any kitty with an unpredictable mouse that moves at 4 different speeds and in different directions, zipping and hiding under obstacles all around the circular tracks. The cats love toys with random movements, which makes this toy super fun for them, and the little hidey holes for the mouse make it only more interesting. And if you sprinkle some catnip on the mouse…. Your cat will not want to get away from this toy!

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The Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy is a fun, durable toy in the shape of a circle with a small ball inside for your cat to play with. The sides of the Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy are completely open so your cat can paw at the small ball inside and watch it go round and round for hours.Your cat will love the POUNCE automatic, rotating, hide-and-seek cat toy. Marshal Maus™ electronic mouse zips around the circular path, zooming forward, reversing direction, hiding under obstacles, and occasionally twitching back and forth. The unpredictable movement stimulates your cat’s natural instinct to hunt, chase, and pounce on prey.

The Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy is aptly named because it will drive your cat crazy as he or she paws at the small ball inside. The ball is small enough to roll around inside the circle, and the side opening is just big enough for kitty paws to stick inside. Although it looks simple to us humans, this interactive cat toy will give your cat hours of fun and excitement. This toy is great for cats that like to play with toys on their own.Inc crazy circle cat toy small aliexpress turbo track cat toy chase ball crazy circle interactive cyclone from reliable toys suppliers on emours aliexpress cat crazy funny circle ball with spring mouse cute kitten playing toys mix colors from reliable toy colouring suppliers on petsworld spot spot