Why Do Cats Make Chirp? Why Do they Make Certain Sounds?

The mobile veterinarian says that cats that talk have a particular repertoire of meows that their owners can usually interpret depending on the circumstances and inflection in the feline's voice. While some cats purr, others chortle or chirp.

Chirping (“make a short, sharp, high-pitched sound”) is how cats greet you in a friendly manner.

As kittens, cats learn trills and chirps from their mother, who uses them to tell her brood to follow her. Kittens mimic the sounds, often in greeting or to get attention. As adults, cats use these sounds when greeting other cats or people. A cat trill usually means hello. It's generally seen as an expression of happiness. After trilling, your cat may rub his head against you or raise his back to encourage you to pet him. If your cat comes to associate his trill with getting your attention, he may start trilling to get you to pay attention to him. He may be harkening back to kittenhood, too.

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You might have heard your cat chatter her teeth while longingly staring out a window at a sparrow or squirrel in a tree. Sometimes accompanied by a chirp, squeak or faint cry, the chatter is thought to be an indicator of a cat’s predatory excitement and of her stress at not being able to get to the prize. Some claim the chatter is actually a mimicked bird or rodent call, but this is anecdotal at best as the hunting prowess of cats is dependent on silence and stealth.

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It's a hunting technique. Many cat's do it when they see bird's. Like people do with elk calls. My dad's cat will hunker down in the bushes near the bird feeder and chirp at them until one gets in reach. They are very smart animals.

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When felines want to communicate, they have a whole repertoire of cat sounds to use. They can share their emotion, desires, feelings and more with a chirp, hiss, purr or of course, meow!We saved the best cat sounds for last! Maine Coon cats are known for their chirping, and especially for their trilling. These two sounds are kind of like a cross between a meow and a purr.Chirping is a sweet, and funny. It is theorized that when a cat catches it's prey, it makes a series of quick bites to the neck. Young cats in the wild will chatter when they mimic this as they are learning from their mum.The reason behind the feline chirping sounds depends on what or to whom they are chirping at. Regardless of the reason, these sudden and abrupt sounds aren’t an indicator that something’s wrong with your kitty. Every feline out there can chirp, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll hear your cat doing it.