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This M.A.X. Hearts & Stripes Chaise Scratcher is Purrfect because I bet your cat is like me and loves to scratch! And when we get all of our scratching out of our system, the Imperial Cat scratcher doubles as a Chaise lounge which is perfect for “Lyin” around!

Cat Scratch Furniture - Milly taking charge of the Fat Cat Chaise Lounge

super cool project. i think the original name for this type of furniture is "chaise longue," and since cats are known to think of themselves as vastly superior to any other living species (or is the tail in the air thing simply a ruse?), i think that the original french term suits the project better than the common vulgar term "chaise lounge." imho

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Small Dog Bed Sofa Furniture Couch Leather Pet Cat Chaise Lounge Luxury Fancy #FantasyFurniture A FunCat is a silent, electrically powered, chaise-lounge, compact
pontoon boat with easy-to-use controls, an adjustable seatback, dry storage compartments, armrests with cup holders, and many other features.

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This triple-level cat bunker has everything a cat would need in a cat emergency: food, water, and napping. The top shelf is equipped with a plush chaise lounge and the bottom has a built-in dining area. Cats can quickly escape unexpected danger by jumping through holes cut out on each level.

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These cat beds are made in your choice of four elegant fabrics. Each chaise is hand made with a wood frame, comfort foam lounge surface, comfort pillow bolster, four wooden legs, upholstered fabric and beautiful accents. Kitty will have lovely dreams here. Outside measurements are 22 wide x 14 deep and 11 high. The horizontal lounge space measures 18 x 14, not counting the bolster.We build the chaise lounges ourselves, and the cushions are made for us to customer specifications. Umbrellas are available in many Sunbrella colors and Patio and Market umbrellas are also available in customer selected fabrics. We rent cabanas, umbrellas, and chaise lounges on a daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis. We also have Hobie Cat sailboats at some locations. Please contact us regarding your particular needs!Why should your cat jump into any old cardboard box when they can lounge in comfort and style? There’s a bit of work involved but if you’re up for the challenge you should have no problem making this cool piece of Cat furniture. You can find the full instructions on the web site. Here’s a for the Cat Chaise Lounge