Felted cat house 210 225x300 Dornröschen Filzunikate Felted Cat Caves

Cats love curling up in small hidey-holes and taking a nap or watching the goings-on from their "hidden" spot. It probably makes them feel safe and helps them satisfy their hunter instincts of hiding and waiting for prey to show up. These Cat Caves are each handmade of all natural, 100% New Zealand wool.

Walking Palm Special Edition Cat Caves fit all cats up to about 16 lbs.

These cat caves are just the coolest thing ever, What kitty wouldn’t love one of them I know my two kitty’s would absolutely love snuggling in one of those. Going to have to save up for a couple of them. So very beautiful also.

Love love the cat cavesMy cats fight over it !

Monika's Cat Caves....oh I need to learn how to do this! My blind babies need one of these... Yuliya Kosata of specializes in creating whimsical cat caves that look like something you might find in Whoville. Check out more examples below.

11 Cat Caves That Prove Cat Beds Can Be Stylish

Winter is here and unfortunately it's not going to get warmer anytime soon. As the weather gets colder and you get colder, so do your furry companions! Perhaps you've considered getting your kitty a new bed to keep him or her extra toasty. After all, your warm lap won't always be available for them to snuggle in whenever they please. But before you go out and splurge on a regular bed, take some consideration into these adorable cat caves!

Cat Cave Drop Turquoise Cat Bed Cat House Pet di WoolyCatCaves

11 Cat Caves That Prove Cat Beds Can Be Stylish // This wooden geometric cat bed can be used as a small side table in your living room and keeps your cat nearby while you watch TV.These are gorgeous, but my cats tend to destroy non-rigid caves by jumping on top of them and smashing the roof in. This is why we can't have nice things... :-(Agnes Felt's colorful felted “cat caves” provide your feline with cozy places to sleep and stalk while incorporating a stylish, modern pet accessory into your home.The Le Sharma Cat Cave is an adorable cat bed designed in colorful felt. The caves are made of dirt-resistant, dirt-free wool and are so soft & cozy. Your cat will love the warm feeling of this bed and can safely hide in this beautiful handmade wool den. Each cave is an elegant piece of art that will decorate your house and fit nicely in any corner; plus, the caves are 100% washable!

Note: The size (approximately 20" x 11"), shape and weight may vary in every product due to its handmade nature.

Recommended for: Cats who love hidey holes, cats who love to burrow, stylish homes