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These simple caves add just a touch of whimsy to your room, without going “overboard.” You can choose almost any color imaginable to match your existing palette or to add a pop of color. From “WoolyCatCaves” on

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Awww! Cottonball is so cute! I love the easy Cat Cave and toys! I actually think one of my dogs would use it more than the cat!! Thanks for sharing!

Wet Felted/Cat/Kitten Cave - A Free Tutorial

Fabulously felted cat beds/caves Cat bed/cat cave/cat house/dark grey felted cat… That is one lucky kitty! I hope he or she has some catnip to nibble on in that felt cave. S/he may not come out all night. You have such unique ideas and thorough instructions. You totally own the wet felting space. Go girl!

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After watching the Cat Cave video, I found a good-sized box (i.e., big because our kitties aren’t exactly dainty). Before getting started, I tucked in the flaps so I had one side that was completely open.

Cat bed/cat house/cat cave/basket felted cat bed by elevele

We were recently introduced to a company called Meowfia who hand make these very attractive and comfy felt cat caves from 100% merino wool using a very unique method called wet felting.The 7 inch wide opening is purrfect for all sizes of cats and each cave is designed to comfortably accommodate a feline as large as 20 lbs (dogs too).Each pod is a single unit made without any stitches which is why the Meowfia team guarantee that it will not fall apart. For the patterned caves, they embroider the designs with colored felt wool using needle felting. This ensures a very well made and sturdy cave suitable for any wannabe cat super-hero!Agnes Felt's colorful felted “cat caves” provide your feline with cozy places to sleep and stalk while incorporating a stylish, modern pet accessory into your home.Monika Pioch's Blog - many in-progress shots of her wet-felted Cat Caves, some with floral or starburst openings, some with shell-like folds, some with markings like gray river rocks. Lots of fun things here.Give your cat or small dog a hiding, sleeping, and playing spot to call their own with this mouse-faced pet house. Handcrafted by women's collectives in Nepal, each charming abode is made from a blend of Tibetan and New Zealand wools. We can't guarantee that they won't still try to burrow in your freshly washed laundry, but this personal cozy cave will still be their favorite retreat. Handmade in Nepal.Balloons, a tumble dryer and a palm sander are some of the unusual tools utilized to make this delightful wet felted cat cave. A step by step, free tutorial for the more advanced felt maker.My mother bought this on a lark for our cats...and they love it! The smell, the feel, the hideout...all super for our three girls. As soon as one leaves the cave, another takes over.