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1. Pet Carrier Training: Always use a for your cat when traveling in a car. The carrier should be large enough for your cat to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Be sure the carrier has proper ventilation. Get him used to their carrier in your house. Place his bedding, some toys, or maybe some catnip or kibble in the carrier and keep the carrier door open. Let your cat go in and out of the carrier at their leisure. Do this until your cat feels comfortable.

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This carrier also has a Sherpa bed, which is soft, and it has a strong board to support your cat. It is also comfortable for you, as well, as it has well-padded handles and a shoulder strap. This is detachable if you don’t want to use it.

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Because most cats are not as comfortable travelling in cars, for their own safety as well as yours, it is best to keep them in a carrier. Two door is great for those of us who own cats that give us a little battle when it’s time to travel. The top opening means that your cat can be lifted and placed inside the carrier rather than nudged through the side door. There is plenty of ventilation, and it’s easy to clean. The steel front latch ensures that your cat will be safe and unable to escape. There’s even a water cup included with this carrier for long trips.

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But I’m living proof that we can acclimate our feline friends, from kittens to seniors, to at least tolerate car rides, whether they are short jaunts to the clinic or cross-country treks. Yes, I have survived the feline serenades inside my SUV from San Diego, California, to San Antonio, Texas — and back — with Zeki, my former . I have endured the seemingly instant car sickness from my senior cat, Murphy, each time she is put in the carrier to travel to the veterinary clinic (a mere 15 minutes away) for her annual examination. And, now, I am patiently conditioning my new kitten, Casey, that car rides are cool… even for cats.

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There are many considerations in selecting a cat carrier: The type of travel, the personality of the cat and the reasons for travel all figure into selecting a perfect match. offers premium two-door kennels, one of which is a top-loading door for easily loading cats into. Made from steel wire and high-grade plastic, these hard-sided carriers are good for both car and air travel.