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Bike Baskets and Trailers 46453: Bike Basket For Dogs Pet Wicker Front Carrier Cat Puppy Front Bicycle Solvit -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $69.99 on eBay!

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This carrier is not only for dogs, but you can use it for cats too. It has double adjustable heavy-duty straps with buckles so it will fasten the carrier easily and it will be stabile on the bike. Since it has adjustable leash clasp you can fix your dog inside and have no worries that it fill jump outside. If you have dog that has more than 15 pounds, you will have to find another carrier.

Looking for a rear-rack mounting bicycle cat-carrier

bike cart for my dog | in 1 Bike Bicycle Basket Dog Cat Carrier Car Seat Travel Tote Pet ... Someone pulled into the Bike To Work Day event Market Square this morning with a Yorkie in a small zippable carrier. Would work for a cat, too, I’m sure. Depends on the cat; see ‘s post, above.

Lovely Bicycle!: Cycling with Cat: from Absurdity to Reality

Mangostyle Comfortable Dog Cat cat Carrier Backpack Travel Carrier Bag Front for Small dogs Carrier Bike Hiking Outdoor > Additional details at the pin image, click it : Cat Cages, Carrier and Strollers

Top 5 Best Dog Basket for Bike & Bicycle Carriers for Dogs in 2017

Pet bicycle carriers may not be on the top of your list of things you need to care for your dog or cat, and up until recently, were not even considered a safe, reliable option for traveling with your pets. But, in a tough economy and especially in nicer weather, it’s understandable that many people would like to ride a bike and transport their pets safely at the same time. That’s where Sleepypod’s newest invention, the Sidekick bike rack, comes in!
So I get to take my cat to the vet in a few days, and a manager at work is lending me her bike cart (the kind meant for children…it has seat belts so that I can strap the cat carrier in place) in order to get him there (Everyone I know with a car is either busy at that time of day or deathly allergic to cats).I used to carry one cat in a backpack carrier, one in a front pouch carrier meant for small dogs, and one in a traditional carrier. Watching me get into the vet’s office was hilarious, I’m sure. Now I’m imagining that on a bike…While a little cheaper, this dog bike carrier is also a little less popular with the pet owners. There is a hood to protect dogs or cats from rain or sun. The dimension of 10in x 13in x 10in is designed for small pets. This dog carrier for bike is available in two colors – pink and gray.