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Give that four-legged chief prowling the grounds somewhere to retire when she's licked that bowl of tuna clean. Right at home under your roof, the Cat Teepee gives feisty felines a fine tool for ruling any room. Plus, its absorbent walls give you the royal treatment, too, with fibers that nix frisky odors while kitty sits pretty. Made of 100% recycled cardboard in China.

Cat on a Hot Cardboard Roof: DIY Inspiration for Cardboard Cat Houses | Apartment Therapy

Cats are notoriously curious (as the old saying goes). Cardboard boxes provide lots of opportunity for exploring and play! They can attack the box, hide inside it, scratch at it, chew on it, climb on it, ambush other cats that walk past it… the list goes on and on and results in hours of fun for a curious kitty!

How to Make a Cardboard Cat Scratcher | Cat Lady Confidential

The previous cardboard cat toy reminded me of the . It will definitely put you in a trance. In this episode Øistein and Box make a cardboard tiger-house for a cat!

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Homemade cat tower made from cardboard boxes. #catversushuman

To even better replicate the sloping curve of the PetFusion (and greatly increase kitty’s lounging ecstasy), I’d recommend cutting the cardboard strips ever-so-gradually taller as you wrap towards the outer edge, creating a shallow bowl shape. Cats dig the feeling of being cradled from all sides.


One thing almost everybody knows about cats is that they like boxes. In fact, any snug enclosed space, like bags, drawers, vases, fishbowls, etc. As long as “if I fits I sits applies,” cats will squeeze their furry butts into anything. But there is something magical about the cardboard box for cats. There are . Some scientists believe that boxes offer kitties a sense of security, as well as a place to hide when they are tired of their owners.The cardboard box is a perplexing feat of wonder to cats. You could easily keep your fur baby entertained for hours with that collection of Amazon boxes growing in the corner of your kitchen. But, there are more visually pleasing alternatives that will delight both you and your pet.But now, you can give your kitty the coolest cardboard box homes in the world that will transform your fur babies into pilots, soldiers and straight-up badass pussycats.The idea came from two friends (“and a cat”) who wanted to find a way to use cardboard as constructive material, rather than garbage. The houses are made of extra-strength corrugated cardboard that can withstand your cat’s playful paws and claws.