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How is this possible you ask, with the Polaroid Cube cat collar camera. Attach this lightweight camera to your cat and let all their rambunctious behavior play out. The best way to catch your cat’s eye view is by turning the cube on video going about his or her day. The footage you get will be incredible. The Polaroid Cube is a durable camera that can withstand the bumps and bangs that are likely to occur when your cat jumps and climbs, and does all of the cute things that he or she does throughout the day.


Pet Collar Video Camera Dog Cat Digital Collars 8GB memory DV DVR Recorder. Specifications : Power: DC-5V Lens angle: 65° Net Weight: 35g Memory: 1GB-32GB Video Format: AVI Picture Format: JPG Working Time: About 1.5h Battery Capacity: ≤230mAh Color: Black Cam & Orange Collar Length of USB Cable: Approx.79cm Lengh of Collar: 24.5(Min)~33.5(Max)cm Transmission Interface: USB 2.0 Interface Camera: Resolution 1280 x 1024, JPEG File Format Battery: 3.7 V High-capacity Polymer Lithium Battery...

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Pet Dog Cat Camera Collar Video DVR Pet eyes auto interval recorder Black US $26.99 A year on and Oscar dons a newly modified puppy's hoody, with night vision spy camera, for another Cat Collar outing.

The title of the film refers to Paris Hilton's infamous internet video; the sounds from which can be heard in the background of One Night In Brixton. As Ford states, there are similarities between the two: "Both sets of footage are filmed in the dark with night vision, both contain a lot of rustling sounds, both feature a pussy and neither have a climatic ending."

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To make the shot more attractive and interesting, change your shot angle. Getting up high or getting down low gives the shots more impact. Use the Polaroid Cube to capture all of those unique qualities of your furry friend. Zoom in on those exotic looking green or blue eyes. Mix it up with both real time and slow motion to add variety to the video’s pacing and enhance the wow factor. Even mount this cat video camera on your cat’s collar to track their daily, outdoor adventures. Now, that’s cool!

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There were reports of an “angry cat” prowling the neighborhood, so the owner of this cat decided to put a collar camera on his own cat, to see if he can catch this “evil cat” on camera. The outcome of the video was completely shocking! It turns out that this friendly, cuddly and warm kitty turns into a monster as soon as he leaves the house! He chases neighborhood cats, and picks fights with them! Have you ever considered putting a camera on your cat to see what they do when they leave the house? Please SHARE the video!Kitty Cams are lightweight, waterproof units with LED lights to record activity at night. They are mounted on a break-away collar and outfitted with a radio-tracking device so we can locate any lost cameras. High quality video is recorded on mini SD memory cards for easy download and viewing.