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Xylitol is manufactured into a white powder that looks and tastes similar to sugar. In many countries it has been approved for use in oral care products, pharmaceuticals and as a food additive. Over recent years, the number and types of products that contain xylitol has greatly increased. Example products include sugar-free gum, candies, breath mints, baked goods, pudding snacks, cough syrup, children's chewable or gummy vitamins and supplements, mouthwash, and toothpaste. Xylitol is also showing up in over-the-counter nasal sprays, laxatives, digestive aids, allergy medicines, and prescription human medications, especially those formulated as disintegrating drug tablets (sleep aids, pain relievers, antipsychotics, etc.) or liquids.

FUNNY STOCKING STUFFERS FOR TEENS AND ADULTS - Everyone who loves cats will be excited to find I Just Kissed My Cat Breath Mints in their stockings.

I don’t know about you, but I love puppy breath. That hot, sweet smell of innocence and playfulness is intoxicating to me.But grown-up dog breath? Yeah, not so much.I’ve written before about the importance of a regular but sometimes even with good hygiene, your mutt’s breath might still be less than appealing. That’s why I got so excited when I found these adorable doggy breath mints.

Grumpy cat says, "you need a mint" breath mints

Keep her breath fresh. Shop PetSmart for cat breath mints and fresheners she'll love. There are many toys and treats geared towards cleaning your cat’s teeth. Cats don’t quite chew on toys like dogs do, but the treats are a great option. There are hard, crunchy treats that freshen breath and scrape plaque and tartar off your cat’s teeth and they can be given fairly regularly. Look for treats marked for dental cleaning or breath freshening and see what you can find. There are also pet-friendly breath mints that you can share with your cats – just make sure you don’t mix them up with your own!

Sev loves the cat breath mints [​IMG].

1. Born That Way: When conformation is the problem, there is little you can do. Dogs and cats who tend to sleep with their mouths open will have some bad breath. This can also occur with dogs who like to sleep upside down with their jaw hanging open. Luckily, this version of bad breath isn’t usually too awful. This is a case where breath mints (pet versions only, please!) may help a bit.

Seuss Cat BREATH Mints Mint Tin Tins

Cat lovers simply can't resist the charms of their feline friends, and kisses and snuggles are a happy part of the daily routine. I Just Kissed My Cat Breath Mints aren't just a funny gift for cat lovers, they're a celebration of the unique bond they have with their kitties.Cat breath mints or those products that you put in the water to cope with mouth hygiene in pets are generally not the best solution. It's kind of like humans just rinsing with mouthwash and not brushing regularly. It helps, but it's not a solution.