Bond & Co Super Bling Cat Collar

Hundreds of happy cat owners give it a glowing review. The stones are very sparkly, the picture doesn’t do it justice. So give your cat that bling-factor and pick up one of these collars.

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I really like the design of this collar. There is a thick band of diamante around the collar. With this much bling your cat will be seen from far away at night for sure.

Petco Nylon Adjustable Fancy Bling Stretch Cat Collar in Blue

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Our Petco Leather Adjustable Fancy Bling Stretch Cat Collar is designed with your cat's safety in mind. Featuring elasticity to stretch over your cat's head. If collar gets caught, collar will stretch allowing your cat to slip free easily. In addition, we've also included a coordinating removable bell to help locate your pet and protect the local bird population. Boasting fun, sparkly bling to add personality.

Petco Nylon Adjustable Fancy Bling Stretch Cat Collar in Blue | Petco

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