My 3 year old cat has become very adept at catching birds

For whom the bell tolls
Aside from keeping Bruiser indoors (advisable for many reasons, including his own health), what can you do to give the unsuspecting birds a fighting chance? One approach is to attach a bell to Bruiser's breakaway collar. Theoretically, the audible alert will warn of a fast-approaching object, giving his prey a few extra moments to elude capture. This technique has been suggested for many years, but its success has been called into question. In fact, two studies performed during the last decade found that cats wearing bells were just as successful in their hunting attempts as were bell-less cats. But researchers at the University of Glasgow pointed out some shortcomings of these studies, and undertook a slightly different approach. Their study, " appeared in the British Journal of Zoology. One question they sought to answer: Does wearing a bell reduce the amount of prey a cat captures?

Cats living in Cresskill, New Jerseymust wear three bells to warn birds of their whereabouts.

We have several cats in our neighborhood who roam outside most of the day. I love cats and know that they will chase and catch anything they can. () Some of the cats near us have bells on their collars that will warn away birds and other creatures like squirrels. I still remember one of the saddest sights from last year: a momma squirrel crying so forlornly, carrying her dead baby in her mouth. It had been attacked by a cat. I started to cry and just couldn’t stop. This year already, we’ve found several dead birds that had been killed by cats in our neighborhood. I have Pete bury them as I say a few words of love to speed them on their way to wherever they are going.

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Shultz said house cats also eat the birds, and pointed out that his cats wear bells to warn the birds. 1. Keep your —This is best for your cat as well as for the birds, as indoor cats live an average of three to seven times longer. Domestic cats, which are not native to the United States, are an introduced predator against which birds have no defense. Cats are responsible for an estimated 2.4 billion bird deaths each year. Some species have gone extinct because of cats! Even well-fed cats instinctively kill birds, and bells on cats don't effectively warn birds of cat strikes. In the spring, young birds or nestlings often find themselves on the ground calling for a parent, only to end up attracting the fatal attention of a nearby cat. Because of this, studies show that bird mortality from cats in the spring is disproportionately higher when compared to other times of the year.

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Other towns in the United States are more concerned with what their cats are wearing when they are out. For example, in French Lick, Indiana, the law states that all black cats must wear a bell on Friday the Thirteenth. Rumor has it that the cats are appealing this law on the basis that it is “colorist.” Of course, they don’t have it near as bad as the cats in Cresskill, New Jersey, where all cats are required to wear not one, not two, but three bells in order to warn birds of their presence. Apparently, the birds in New Jersey are a little deaf.

“We found that cats caught fewer birds while wearing the belled ..