FurHaven Cat Tiger Tough Brown Cat Bed Window Perch

SUNNY SEAT cat window perch is leading the new style window mounted cat bed storm. It is time to say good bye to traditional cat bed.
It is well known that cats need take sunbath, couple of hours in sunny days…

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Welcome to the Window-Mount Cat Perches superstore! They may be no time when a cat is happier than when it gets to lay in the sun for hours with no interruptions. The only problem is, most window sills are just not wide enough for a whole cat to fit comfortably. This means the cat has to lie on the floor, in the ever moving patch of sunlight, where those foolish humans are always walking around and making noise. We give you, the window-mount cat perch! With this simple shelf, your cat gets a comfortable bed that sits directly in the sun, out of the way of human feet. It's the purrfect solution!

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1.12" x 22" Polyester Cover at Furniture Sunny Seat Window Cat Bed, Multicolor These are blowing my mind! I saw them at SuperZoo and was really excited about them. These beds are made from soft but sturdy molded foam and they attach to any window with giant suction cups. There are so many great things about this design! First, it creates the perfect window perch for cats to watch what’s going on outside, plus they are easy to install and reposition without any hardware. I haven’t tried these myself yet, but I’ve had very good luck with the , the original window-mounted cat bed that attaches with similar suction cups.

FurHaven Cat Tiger Tough Brown Cat Bed Window Perch

The Kitty Cot is a great design that's sure to thrill your Kitty Cat. The Kitty Cot is unlike most Cat Perches and attaches to your windows using LARGE Patented Suction Cups, made in the USA. Each suction cup is rated to hold 15 pounds. The Kitty Cot measures 26" long x 14" wide. The frame is made of strong and durable plastic pipe. The hammock is made of tough weather-resistant fabric, an "easy clean" comfy material that your cats will love. Quickly take the Kitty Cot down for easy cleaning. The Kitty Cot will safely hold up to 30 pounds of Cat(s). The Kitty Cot can go anywhere on a window in your house and at any height. We recommend mounting on double pane windows and not single pane windows. The Kitty Cot works indoors and outdoors. Our design is so simple and easy that anyone can put it up and best of all, you need no tools to install it. Lay your cat's favorite blanket to make it even more bedlike and comfortable. Install next to an outside bird feeder or other action locations and your cat will be entertained for hours laying in a sunny place in our cat seat. The mental stimulation of your cat will keep he/she young and active for years. Great for older cats! Kittens are a hoot! They will dream of capturing the world!

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