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Cats like to be near you when you're sitting or sleeping, but if the house is busy and noisy, your kitty will likely want somewhere quiet and secluded to sleep. Bedrooms are a great place to put cat beds for your kitty to sleep in during the day because bedrooms typically don't get as much daytime use as other areas of your home. Even a quiet corner of your kitchen or home office can offer your kitty seclusion for afternoon cat naps.

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Made from a 100% Cotton outer for complete comfort, this Chocolate Dome house cat bed is lined in the softest Velboa fabric. Great for cats who like to snuggle in opulence.

Soft Strawberry Pet Igloo Dog Cat Bed House Kennel Doggy

Cool places for kitties to go. Creative Cat Houses and Cool Cat Bed Designs (21) 17 House of Paws offers a wide range of Dog and Cat Beds, Dog and Cat Toys, Dog Leads, Collars and Harnesses, Dog Coats, Dog and Cat Grooming and Accessories.

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Unexpected Change. In the case of a move to a new home, the cat may be having trouble with the new litter box location. The cat parent’s bed is a source of familiar and comforting scents. Even renovation or just household upheaval could result in the cat choosing to eliminate on the bed. If the cat doesn’t feel safe in the house (maybe due to the addition of another cat), he may choose to camp out in the cat parent’s bedroom for safety. When it comes time to eliminate, the soft bed meets all requirements and has that elevation benefit for added safety.

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