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My cat got lost two nights ago, and she is my first true pet. We love her so much it kills us to think that she had probably spent these past two nights frightened, cold, and hungry. I have school, but my parents and I have spent most of our time looking for her. Instead we have found other cats, but not our Nani. When she got out another cat was outside, Nani was so freaked out she disappeared from our yard and we lost sight of her at a corner. We have looked and looked and put up posters, and left her food bowl outside. She hasn't showed up and nobody has seen her. I get really upset with her being gone, and have no idea where to look, and we have looked everywhere. The house has gotten lonely without her and we really hope she has this cat instincts to come back home, because with her being gone it has gotten all of us upset.

is a cat (water will be clean and intact) or a wild animal (water will be gone or filthy).

We lost our 10 year old female indoor cat she has never been outside and never been away from her brother cat for more then an hour. We moved almost one month ago and went away last weekend to come home and find out she was gone. We think she got out when furniture was being delivered with my mom home. Please help looked every where the pound neighbors posted signs put out cat food. Could an indoor cat ever make it outside? Please any advice would help we miss her so much and her brother kitty cries for her every night!

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windows and doors your cat might be able to get out while you are gone. If you're leaving your cat in someone else's care, let your veterinarian know that you'll be gone for a while and that you'll be responsible for the bill if your cat needs medical care while you're gone. Be sure your kitty's caretaker knows where the vet is and about the arrangement as well.

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My 2-year-old cat was due to have her second litter of kittens any day now, but about five days ago she came up missing. The night before she disappeared, she was trying very hard to get me to let her in the house. I have small children and by the time I got everyone settled for bed I forgot to let her in. The next morning, there was no sign of her. My husband and I have a looked for her for hours in every place we can think of. My question is, how long will a mother cat stay gone after giving birth? And it’s been extremely cold at night, would she be able to keep the kittens warm? It’s been around 30 degrees at night.

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