Nov 16, 2016 - Don't use the “bark collars” that use aversives

Here is the way I see it, many dogs and cats who were once loved pets but develop bad habits end up in rescue or dead. It doesn’t really matter whether the bad habit is the fault of poor training or whatever, the end result is often the same. So I am an advocate of solutions to problems that don’t include death. Therefore I would say try a remote training collar, I don’t think bark collars would work for a meow. When the cat starts howling you will have to manually activate the shock collar. The charge can be set at it lowest and most have a sound first and animals quickly realize that if they don’t cease and desist the behavior when they hear the sound they will get zapped. That is the training and unless the animal is really dumb they learn after one or two zaps and then it never happens again. Now which is worse, death or a zap or two??? I vote for the zap. I assume anyone who protests that this is cruel and irresponsible is a vegetarian because the meat you are eating is treated in a decidedly less humane way than a shock collar correcting undesireable behavior in a pet.

The real question - will a bark collar work on a cat? I don't see why it wouldn't?

With the above in mind, we will now present our top choices for bark collars in the Ultrasonic Dog Collar, Citronella Bark Collar and the Dog Shock Collar categories.

Don't use shock collars or citronella spray collars

Please, do NOT put a bark collar on the cat. That would be very cruel and I can't imagine ever torturing a poor cat like that. If you want to test the bark collar , set the mode to test and hold the collar towards so that you can see the indicator light, but so that your fingers are . Hold the collar about six to ten inches away from your face and say “test” loudly. If the unit is operating correctly, you will see the indicator light flash two or three times.

Cats new (shock) collar. - YouTube

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