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"I'm violently allergic to cats," says Cade, "so we had to find solutions to basic problems like How are we going to have dinner together at her house? ... The first time I went over to Ali's for dinner, I just exploded with allergy symptoms. I got really sick... That's when I started researching allergen avoidance, environmental control, and allergy relief products."

Having your cat neutered is a good solution because the production of the allergens is minimized.

Atopica for Cats is an oral solution that works by calming and soothing allergic skin conditions such as feline allergic dermatitis. It contains cyclosporine which stops the itching by blocking white blood cells from organizing and responding to infection. The oral solution is usually very well tolerated by cats and becomes easily absorbed in the intestinal tract.

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It's absolutely possible - I'm mildly allergic to cats and have three at home. So you are one of those unlucky cat lovers who have allergies to cats? Cat allergies can be truly heartbreaking. Lucky for you, there are solutions.

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Cat allergy is common, occurring in 25% of allergy sufferers. Cat dander, the allergen, is produced in large amounts, is consistently airborne, and is found in public places -- even where there are no cats. Cat dander particles are extremely small, and are inhaled deep into the lungs, causing an allergic response. Cat dander is a common cause of allergic asthma and cat owners who are allergic to cats are more prone to the development of asthma symptoms. For cat lovers, life without their cats is unimaginable. Sublingual immunotherapy cat allergy drops offer a natural solution for these cat allergy sufferers. Pollenguard will minimize and eventually eliminate your allergic response to cat dander, allowing cat allergy sufferers to not only keep their cats, but live without allergy symptoms.

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For some, simply taking over-the-counter allergy medication is enough. Sometimes, however, that is not enough. You could scrub and vacuum your house and cat day-in and day-out, but it may only help a little bit. Have your significant other talk to his or her doctor about allergy solutions, such as steroid shots or prescription nasal sprays. If you are going to great lengths to make sure your partner is comfortable in your home with your cat, they can meet you halfway and speak to their doctor. are becoming more commonplace, as people realizethat the effects of these herbs and mineral solutions can have astounding effects. Homeopathy can provide cat allergy relief when symptoms are analyzed properly and the appropriate solution is chosen. Rather than treating the symptoms, homeopathy addresses the symptoms to determine what's causing them, then applies a mixture of substances thatare aimed at strengthening the immune system to help the body naturallyfight off the problem. Homeopathy must be used with caution and carefulresearch or several attempts may be necessary to discover the perfect remedy.