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Keep towels and throw blankets on couches and furniture where your cat might nap so you can wash the linens frequently, and change air conditioning filters on a regular basis, as they also catch a large amount of cat hair. You can also use an anti-allergen spray to deactivate allergens. made from plant-based, non-toxic substances, can safely be sprayed throughout the house to take the sting out of household dust by rendering allergens harmless.

Nature's Miracle Just for Cats Allergen Blocker Air & Surface Spray, 32 fl. Oz.

Although there are plenty of preventive measures that you need to take in order to reduce the occurrence of , these measures won’t completely resolve the problem. Since cat dander is easily left behind on sofas, beds, the flooring and most other places in your home, you need to use commercially available allergie sprays to denature pet dander and rid your home of awful odors.

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T1 - Cat shedding of Fel d I is not reduced by washings, Allerpet-C spray, or acepromazine I did this for 6 months and I was so happy at the end result: I stopped taking all of my medications to see how I was feeling, and to my surprise I was no longer allergic to my cat. I could rub her fur all over my hands, face, pillow, and clothes and I don't sneeze, sniffle, or have red watery eyes at all. I don't even use the air purifier or dander reducing spray anymore. I still have minor reactions to other people's pets, but I believe the human body starts to build a tolerance against certain allergens once constant contact is established. I certainly hope the same works out for you and your fiancee's cat.

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OBJECTIVE: We compared the effects of cat washing, Allerpet-C spray, andacepromazine with that of no treatment on the shedding of the primary catallergen, Felis domesticus 1 by cats.

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This medically proven spray neutralizes allergens on contact for up to three months. The active ingredient in this spray is tannic acid which has been medically proven to denature mite and cat allergen protein rendering it permanently non-allergenic. ADS™ will also neutralize allergens from plant and grass pollens, mold and mildew. For optimum treatment benefits use ADS™ in conjunction with Allersearch® X-Mite®.If you’re allergic to your cat you could make use of commercial cat allergy treatment sprays to prevent yourself from developing allergic reactions in the future. These sprays are specifically formulated for pet owners that suffer from the symptoms of allergic reactions like coughing, sneezing, wheezing and watery eyes. These symptoms can begin at any stage in life. Even if your pet no longer lives in the same house, you will still suffer from the symptoms of allergies because of the dander that has been left behind.