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The application evaluation process will generally be completed within 24-48 hours. Upon completion & approval of the application you will schedule an appointment with our adoption coordinator to pick up your new friend! It is as simple as signing a few forms, receiving information on your new cat as well as suggestions for introducing your new family member to your home. This is a great time for you to come prepared to ask questions or address concerns. We are always happy to help! Be sure to bring a carrier for your new family member.

Thinking of adopting a second cat? Take a look at this information to guarantee you’re making the right choice!

Interested in bringing a new Cat or Kitten into your home? Read below for more information on what to expect when adopting your new best friend from Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic! See inside the shelter and

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For information about adoption policies at our Northside location, click here Please for more information.As a partner, King Street Cats has partnered with in promoting the Love Is Special adoption and special-needs awareness campaign. We occasionally rescue cats that are blind, deaf or wobbly (neurological conditions) and availble for adoption. We can advise you on how to care for cats and kittens who need your special love.

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All persons must be 21 years of age or older to adopt a pet. You must bring photo identification and every member of your household needs to be present. In addition, if you plan to adopt a dog and already have a canine family member, you must bring him or her along for a meet and greet. If you rent your home, you must bring a copy of your lease stating that you are permitted to keep pets in your residence. If you own your house, our staff will check county real estate records. If a record cannot be found, we may ask for proof of ownership. Please call our Adoption Department for more information or if you have questions. We do not limit adoptions to any particular geographic area and, in most cases, you can leave with your new best friend the same day you visit us!

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For information on any of our adoptable felines, contact 982-ACAT or email . Please note there are adoption fees for all ACAT placements, and unaltered kittens require a spay/neuter deposit. However, there are medical conditions that will not be apparent in a routine exam. If we are aware of an ongoing need for medication, the adopter will be given that information prior to adoption.All adoption clinic adoptions through ACAT are subject to a 24-hour waiting period between filling out the paperwork and paying the adoption fee, and picking up your new feline. Call 982-2228 or speak to an ACAT representative at the adoption clinics for more information.Did you know that every puppy in Puppy Bowl comes from a great ? If you're thinking about adopting a pet, we've collected some resources to get you started in exploring the shelter adoption option. You'll find some great stuff at these sites.

: Take our questionaire to help determine what breeds may work for you or go directly to breed pages and we'll suggest available dogs at shelters near you.

has information about pet adoption to get you started, including articles on pet care and finding the right animal for your family.

: Need help locating a pet for adoption in your neighborhood? Try Petfinder's zip code search to see what kinds of pets are looking for a new home or find a local animal shelter.