606.3 - 30" Cat Trap with One Trap Door and Rear Access Door ..

Yes, Passport™ Wall Entry Kits are available for wall installations or installation in thicker applications (3 - 12” thick). The Wall Entry Kit frames out the wall cut-out, giving your door installation a clean, smooth, finished look. You may purchase a Passport™ Wall Entry Kit; scroll down to Accessories to purchase the Wall Entry Kit for this door or call our Customer Care Center.

Litter box in the closet - with cat access through a pet door...great solution for condo cats!

Verdict: This baby gate with cat door is an easy and cost effective solution to restrict pets from accessing certain parts of the home. Also, this doubles up as a cat-only zone gate that will allow the cats in but keep the bigger pets out.

Litter box in the closet - with cat access through a pet door

Keep your cat's litter box hidden but easily accessible with this DIY Cat Potty Door cut out! Measure the cat's height at his shoulders to determine the size door needed. Remember that kittens may have some growing yet to do. If you have other pets, decide if you want them to have access too, before deciding on the size of the door.

Door Buddy Door Latch to Dog Proof Litter Box. Easy Cat Access

Mark the location for the lock's screw holes, if the door comes with a lock, 7/16 inch away from the right bottom corner. Draw another mark 2 1/4 inch up from the bottom corner (or according to your pet door instructions, if it has different dimensions listed).

Sand cat access door from behind the scenes | Cincinnati Zoo Blog

This is a dilemma many people face. The dog needs to go out, but they want to keep the cat safely indoors. The Cat Guardian is the solution because the dog can use the dog door, but the cat is prevented from going through the dog door by a loud alarm. It's a simple, yet proven, technology that requires access to an electrical outlet. If you have a lot of wild animals such as raccoons, possums or feral cats in your neighborhood, a regular cat door will probably result in a number of uninvited guests at your cat’s dinner bowl! Not to worry, there are quite a few solutions to this problem. You can get electromagnetic doors which only unlock when they come into contact with a magnet attached to your cat’s collar. Even more high-tech are cat doors that read your pet’s microchip. If you want to keep your cat inside at night, locking models are available. Sometimes the best place for your pet door is through a wall, but the ground outside is too distant for your pet to get through the pet door. A custom ramp solves this problem. Lightweight and sturdy ramps made of Starboard® marine grade polymer covered in outdoor carpet create easy access wherever your pet door is located. Many people want to put a cat door in their garage. If you want to install it into a thin metal garage door, you need a cat door designed especially for this purpose. Many cat doors are meant to sandwich a thick wall or door between two layers and will not fit a thin metal door. I mentioned earlier is suitable for thin screen and garage doors. It seals with a weak magnet to prevent draughts however it doesn’t prevent access to raccoon and wild animals.