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No matter how much money you spend on a well-made or elaborate piece of kitty furniture, they're always going to prefer to play or snooze in a regular old cardboard box. Bulgarian company knows this, and combines the best of both worlds, offering fun and creative cat shelters made from the feline's favorite material. Each cardboard box is beautifully crafted, making them an attractive alternative to the ones that house your internet purchases.

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Don't you wish there could be stylish cardboard boxes that you would be proud to display? Say no more. (great name right?), a design company based in Amsterdam, decided to meet a middle ground between cats and their humans.

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This DIY is purrfect for cats that love cardboard and people that love their kitties! Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your...hairball! If your kitty thinks she is queen of your castle, perhaps it's time to make her her own. These folks all did using cardboard boxes, tape, and other ordinary household supplies. They're fun to decorate (like having your own little dollhouse) and if your cat turns up her nose and whiskers at it, you're only out some of your time, not your money.

Cardboard cat house. Complete with rooftop patio :)

Give that four-legged chief prowling the grounds somewhere to retire when she's licked that bowl of tuna clean. Right at home under your roof, the Cat Teepee gives feisty felines a fine tool for ruling any room. Plus, its absorbent walls give you the royal treatment, too, with fibers that nix frisky odors while kitty sits pretty. Made of 100% recycled cardboard in China.

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The cardboard box is a perplexing feat of wonder to cats. You could easily keep your fur baby entertained for hours with that collection of Amazon boxes growing in the corner of your kitchen. But, there are more visually pleasing alternatives that will delight both you and your pet.The idea came from two friends (“and a cat”) who wanted to find a way to use cardboard as constructive material, rather than garbage. The houses are made of extra-strength corrugated cardboard that can withstand your cat’s playful paws and claws. The makers at converts cardboard into simple, yet stylish creations that keep your cat entertained without looking like you just moved in. The cardboard boxes are shaped like characters, objects, or geometrical shapes that will fit with your aesthetic."Catscraper" | DIY cat scratching post / scratcher made from recycled cardboard I am so doing this after we move (again). I will have plenty of boxes, lol.DIY Recycled Cardboard Kitty Pad -- hmm, dad will be moving soon and I know we had one cat that loved this type of thing, really awesome! (plus all those boxes at work!)Everything looked well crafted and even the cardboard shipping boxes were top quality. Cats have a natural affinity for cardboard and boxes and I couldn’t wait to assemble our kitty decor. Endless possibilities of how the units could be stacked or utilized danced in my head. I was excited but I had questions. How strong are these units if they’re made of cardboard. My first clue was carrying two units up a flight of stairs. Each unit was about the weight of an average cat and as solid as a piece of furniture. Then to be sure, I sat down on a unit. Rock solid. I took a close look and compared the Katris cardboard to cardboard stairs from another company. No comparison. It’s no wonder our flimsy stairs were peeling. Who knew not all cardboard is created equal?