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Another advantage of the soft carrier is that unlike cardboard, a soft carrier (as well as a hard one) may be better in case of an emergency. For example, if the cardboard should become wet, then it will be useless to you. Also, some cats will tear their way out of the cardboard due to stress or other reasons.


And all along I’ve been upset cos all the other cats have SleepyPods and all I have is a hand-me-down Kennel Cab. Faith used to have a cardboard carrier but again TW didn’t know any better. She was small and passive so it was OK. Chizzy broke through 2 cardboard carriers and that’s how the Kennel Cab came to be.

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There are three standard types of cat carriers: cardboard, soft cat carriers and hard cat carriers. Attention cat owners of the world: If you have a , you need a . Also known as a pet taxis, cat taxis, or cat crates, cat carriers (like cats) come in all shapes and sizes. They range in price and durability from collapsible cardboard carriers to pricey high-end designer (think Marc Jacobs) carriers. How will you find the right carrier for your cat? Read on.

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Because the cardboard carrier, large cage or box does not allow needle access to the cat in any way, these cats will be turned away at the clinic.

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If you're adopting a kitten, you may want to start with a cardboard carrier until you know how big your cat will be in adulthood. Then, if you like, you can make more of an investment to get something stronger and more permanent.Until I got a two-door carrier for my healthy cat, I used the cardboard version. My kitty was okay with it, but I've heard and read a lot of stories of other kitties chewing through the cardboard, so they may not be the best for most cats and kittens.A is usually fine for your healthy cat if you plan on keeping her indoors and don't plan to travel much. It will have holes for ventilation and to allow your cat to see out.

Cardboard carriers are all very similar in size. And you can flatten them if you need to save space.A hard cat carrier is the sturdiest of all available pet enclosures. It's usually made of a tough, durable plastic. Regular hard carriers take the most in storage space in your home, as they are less flexible than cardboard or soft carriers. Petsmart used to carry an excellent fold-away cat carrier, but as of 2008, they no longer do and I haven't been able to find another company with this great cat supply.Soft pet carriers are generally made of a firm but flexible material. They will last longer than cardboard carriers. If you plan to travel any distance with your cat, a soft cat carrier may be a better option than a cardboard carrier.Cat carriers come in three types: cardboard, soft, and hard. The cardboard cat carrier is perfect for those who won’t do much traveling. You can flatten it out to save space and for easier storage. However, cardboards are not practical because they are pretty much useless once they get wet.