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Using $4.00 as the base price of hormone-free/antibiotic-free poultry and meat per pound (you can find less and more expensive), the cost of feeding homemade food for cats is roughly $1 per day, per pet. Buying meat in bulk can reduce prices considerably. Organic poultry and grass-fed meats can be more expensive, but again – buying in bulk can significantly reduce the cost. I always recommend using organic vegetables and fruits (pumpkin is considered a fruit; some cats like blueberries, too). Using frozen vegetables saves money and offers convenience, too.

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Dry cat food is a standard in many households and Dollar General carries a variety of discount products that your pets will enjoy. Available in bulk or small bags, dry cat food is among the most convenient and economical choices. In addition, compared to canned cat food, dry food lasts longer once opened, is less messy and is often preferred by many cats. In addition, Dollar General carries a number of dry cat food options like Purina Cat Chow, Friskies and more. Save time and money with discount cat food from Dollar General.

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We have had an amazing donation from a generous benefactor that helps enable us to purchase bulk canned cat food We are looking for a natural, grain free, high protein count, canned food for him in BULK. I have been looking, without much success, so I was wondering if maybe some more experience cat owners have a brand or a website they can recommend. Thank you!

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Cats have fairly strict nutritional requirements in terms of protein, calcium/phosphorus, and especially Taurine, which is an essential amino acid. A taurine-deficient diet can cause severe and possibly fatal heart disease. A high quality commercial diet is worth the investment. Otherwise, you'll be paying out in veterinary bills later for skin problems, bad teeth, allergies, asthma, obesity, etc. If you're near a semirural area, check at feed stores for a better price or try buying in bulk. Shelf life on dry food is about six to eight weeks once opened and after that the fatty acids begin to deteriorate.

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If you want to save money on cat food, you should also consider buying cheap cat food in bulk. As you know, bulk purchases can help you save a great deal of money. Large bags and cans of cat food typically cost less than smaller bags and cans. Also, if you have more than one cat at home, you should consider buying wholesale instead of retail. Sellers usually give discounts to patrons who frequently buy cat food from them.Zoo plus do a load of great foods at cheap prices. I order my cat food from there in bulk. Grain free wet and dry. You can look at the ingredients and decide which you like the look of.