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Looking back, I now realize my fallacy. My No. 1 problem was that I chose the wrong period in my life to toilet train the cat. We had a new baby in the house and my mother-in-law was also staying with us. Obviously, Furball was freaked out about these disruptions in his home. To set your cat up for success, make sure that there are no significant changes going on in your life when you begin the potty-training process.

You Can Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet. Just Don't Expect It to Flush.

Cat toilet training has its advantages if you can get your feline friend to give it a try. You won’t need to buy expensive litter, pads, or other waste-removal supplies. You can stop scooping the litter and taking it out to the trash. And perhaps best of all, cat waste odor is virtually eliminated. Once your cat is trained on your toilet at home, he’ll be able to use any toilet, anywhere, without a problem. That’s great news if you take your cat with you on vacation or move to a different house.

Well, an uncleaned litter box is the feline equivalent to that

You can train your cat to use the toilet. Just don't expect it to flush. The only real conflict is if your cat feels compelled to paw around in the water she's done her thing in it. I'm grateful that Misha never showed any such inclination, as I imagine that could get pretty disgusting. If you have this problem, you can try discouraging the post-toilet digging by praising your cat as soon as she's finished, flushing the toilet quickly to get rid of any lingering smell, and calling her away, thereby training her to get down immediately. You could also try feeding her just after she's used the toilet, as a distraction.

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You’ve probably seen , and there, at the very least, you came across the idea of potty trained cats. The question is, can real-life kitties be trained to use the toilet? It turns out that the answer is “yes, but…”

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