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Customer reviews of California Natural cat food are mostly positive. The short ingredients list was a positive factor for many cat owners. Also, the quality of the ingredients was well-received by many cat owners. Cats with allergies seem to do well when fed California Natural formulas. However, there were some negative ratings, mostly associated with the recent purchase of Natura Pet Products by Procter & Gamble.

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Apr 13, 2013 - Review: California Natural

*** Please note, since Procter & Gamble .. Most customers review California Natural cat food very positively, citing a number of factors that contribute to their satisfaction. Customers are highly satisfied with the ingredient quality in California Natural, which is low in grains and does not use any of them as fillers. California Natural only uses grains as sources of carbohydrates and minimizes their use accordingly. The company does offer a grain-free formula for cats with special dietary needs or grain sensitivities.

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