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Cats are housed in homes until a barn is located for them. They are kept caged (not happy but safe). The cages are Great Dane-sized with a feeder, waterer, litter box, rug and a hidey box. All the cages are next to or can easily see outside so they feed more comfortable. The hidey box is a small cat-size carrier that is put inside the larger cage. It has a bed or towel in it for the comfort of the cats. The door to the carrier is bungee-corded to the side of the carrier to keep it open. When it is necessary to open the cage for cleaning, the feral cat retreats into the hidey box and we carefully close the door. Now the cat that is in the carrier can be moved out for cage cleaning. When it is time to take the cat to the new barn, again we just close the carrier door, lift it out, and take the cat to the barn site in that same carrier.

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Cats new to a shelter seem to adjust better when safely caged in a pleasant, well lighted room full of human activity - a kitchen, staff offices, a treatment room or even a storage room/alcove. Putting a cat in a moderately busy, bustling area (without dogs), where he can observe some activity but feel safe, can help him adapt more quickly to the strange new surroundings. It also helps to introduce background noise, music, quiet cleaning activity and people coming and going without confronting the cat directly. If other cats must be in the room, place them several feet way or at least mixed by gender so that male/neutered cats aren't face to face with other male cats. Once cats get the hang of the routine, the people and smells, their curiosity starts to overcome their caution/fear instincts and they are then more ready to accept handling.

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Specialties: Caged Cat L3C is NO KILL shelter & non profit organization in the beginning stages. well done article. I never quarantine my cat but i had seen my neighbor caged her cat because she had kittens-afraid other male cats to attack them.

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When you pick the cat at ARF, keep the trap covered with the towel. In addition to getting neutered and vaccinated, the cat will have its left ear notched to identify it as an altered member of a feral colony. Don’t keep the cat caged to recover. Remember that the cat has not had anything to eat or drink for at least 24 hours. Release it back where it lives (POINTING AWAY FROM THE ROAD) and provide food and fresh water. The frightened cat will take off (you may have to jiggle the trap a little), but she will come back soon to eat, drink and recover in familiar surroundings.

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A foldable, caged playpen equipped inside with three large plastic shelves covered with brown mat. It has four lockable, removable wheels and two doors with a safe latch closure. It was designed to create a peaceful environment for up to three cats.Here are three caged cats derived from thing:27338 - Wooden Frog and Marble Cat. Three solid cats, which fit inside the cat cages, are provided; the cages nest. OpenSCAD code is included. All the rescues can roam freely all day except for the sick cats who are taking medication and the new arrivals who are temporally caged until they are vetted and ready to transition into the population as a whole.Someone had put the animal in a cage, along with a rock weighing about 16 pounds, and tossed it over the bridge, he said. But instead of landing in the water, the caged cat landed on the ice and bounced several times, coming to a stop in an icy puddle of slush.