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My little Lulu is not quite a year old and being house bound during the long Alaska winter led us to buy the One Fast Cat wheel and she loves it. Any time someone comes over she's walking on it as if to show off. Only if I want her to run does she need some convincing with a toy target. Often I can hear her walking on the wheel in the middle of the night by herself. Great Product Guys!

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I had a wonderful cat that recently had to be put down because of heart disease and was worried about my other cat not getting any exercise. I saw a cat wheel that was about $500 and thought I would buy it when I moved into a house later in the year. Then I stumbled across this one and decided to buy it right away as it was more affordable. The delivery was quick as well as the setup since I watched the setup video beforehand. My burmese gets bored easily and was acting up. I put the wheel together as soon as it arrived, and she needed only a couple of treats to get her on it. She absolutely loves her wheel and will often get off it and rub against my leg to tell me she loves it and then get right back on. She builds up speed and endurance daily. I am so happy I purchased this wheel to give her a chance to exercise and hopefully spare her from heart disease. Thank you for making this affordable and exactly what I need.

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Sleeping Purrty: Best Cat Beds You Can Buy Online - Wide Open Pets Just as ive finished reading this article and all the comments with one of my sphynx babies snuggled in my arms and nudging me every time i try to type my message, As a breeder with 3 queens and 1 stud sphynx in the house,I can only agree with everything this lady has too say about the breed, so many people buy the sphynx breed withput a by or leave to all the commetiment needed to care for the breed properly! but too me this is what makes the sphynx extra special, they love to be loved, cuddled up warm to the touch purring loudly, I feed all my cats and kittens and nursing queens on a raw diet, as close to nature as possible, all my cats eyes are bright skin in the best condition ever no smelly poos, and we have flushing cat genie toilet(check it out on line). Never would i again have a furry cat, the sphynx are the most loving sweet natured beautiful creatures, If you are wanting a lappy cat then this is the breed for you! I use whal no water shampoo, just pump and rub in then buff with a towel, TA DA!!!!! when they are sleepy on your lap use a q tip and ear cleaner, really no hassel, make it part of a fun time then it dosnt become a chore and helps with bonding.

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Breeders most commonly offer refunds or replacement to protect buyers against unforeseen medical problems, failure to settle in, personality conflicts, and other problems. However, the period in which a breeder is actually responsible for problems is fairly short. The kitten quickly enters a period when he or she is influenced strongly by the environment of the new owner: what the owner feeds the kitten, the conditions in which the kitten lives, contact with new animals, etc., and any influence of the breeder lessens considerably. For example, a breeder once had a kitten returned because the kitten was suffering from raging diarrhea and had been for over a week since arriving at its new home. The breeder discovered that although she had sent the kitten to its new home with a supply of its accustomed cat food, the new owner had immediately changed the diet to the cheap food she was feeding her other cat. Within a couple days back on its accustomed diet, the kitten’s digestive system was back to normal. In this case, it was easily correctible, but she learned something valuable about the new cat owner and felt it was in the kitten’s best interests to offer the refund and place the kitten elsewhere.

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