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I, too, would love to find a place to buy cat food for a reduced price! I have been feeding a colony of stray cats for many years and cat food is getting more and more expensive. Anyone know where to buy cat food in bulk or wholesale?

Buy bulk cat food online wholesale, choose a bag size and quantity based on your needs.

We have a freezer and storage cabinet from Sears in our garage, which have proved essential in bulk shopping. I buy meat in large packages and repackage them in Ziploc freezer bags in one-meal quantities. Something I haven’t seen mentioned here: bread and other bakery items. We’re lucky enough to have a discount bread store nearby that stocks name-brand items for DIRT cheap ($1-$2 for a loaf of bread, English muffins, hamburger/hot dog buns or tortillas). I routinely stock up and freeze our favorite goodies. Other items we buy in larger quantities: pet food, cat litter, salsa, dried beans, coffee beans, cereal, cheese, sugar, flour, rice, pasta, white vinegar, Simple Green.

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Bulk dog and cat food- bring your own container or buy one there - Yelp Initially I considered buying bulk bird pellet sacks from my neighborhood pet stores but after browsing around I noticed that their selections were pretty limited as most mainstream brick and mortar stores catered to more popular animal breeds such as cats and dogs. Even dedicated bird stores seemed to not have in stock the bulk pallets that I wanted. Thankfully, there is much more one can find on the internet as the online selection is much more broad. After doing some price comparison shopping among the popular online pet stores, I finally settled on 's pet food selection. Although I didn't order enough to qualify, I did find a handy $10 off coupon for orders over $70 - just use coupon code SAVEJAN.

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This approach of buying pet food in bulk will certainly work with dogs, cats, and possibly fish as well. My only real concerns would be possible spoilage and freshness problems. After contacting the manufacturer, my understanding now is that bird food is usually good up to a year and a half, but I'm not as familiar with the expiration dates of dog and cat food. Regardless, remember to store the bulk food in air tight, moisture free, plastic containers and place them in a dry area free of contamination by roaches or other bugs. Clean food makes pets happy and happy pets create happy owners!

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Discuss What is the cheapest , but best cat food i can buy in bulk.? on the - 'Cat Health & Nutrition' forum of I-Love-Cats. We are the place for all talk about 'What is the cheapest , but best cat food i can buy in bulk.?'. I live in N.S.W Australia , so if you know any shops that have good bargins plese let me know. I also need to buy in bulk. ... Breaking the Budget - Breaking the Scale
Bulk buying has health-related consequences as well as financial ones. Unfortunately, overconsumption is as American as apple pie. Buying bulk only encourages this. If you have a massive jar of mayonnaise staring you down every time you open the fridge, you are going to try and find more ways to use it up - especially as the due date comes up. This means more mayonnaise in your sandwiches, salads, the kids' lunches, the cat's food and so on. Sure, you justified the purchase of the mayonnaise and saved money on the amount you consumed, but would you have eaten so much of it if you has purchased a smaller jar?