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The Breeze Litter System, Refill Pads, and Refill Pellets are the best litter system I've ever used, hands down. I've been using it for six years, ever since I brought my cat home from the humane association. He adjusted to it at once. I hardly ever find a pellet tracked into the house (from the mud room), and when I do, he is usually playing with it. I hate cleaning the litter box, and usually only scoop the feces once a week. This has not been a problem. Also, to stretch my dollars, I only change the pad every two weeks. (This might not be possible with your cat, depending on how much s/he urinates.) There has very rarely been any odor coming from the litter box.

When I first started using the litter system, I put the pad in wrong a couple times (it got scrunched up), and there was urine in the bottom of the pan, which was a mess to clean up. This hasn't happened in years, and it should never happen to you if you are careful about placing the pad correctly. The pellets last a long time, but I replace them when they become discolored. After using the litter system for five years, I replaced it with a new one, but I probably didn't have to. I just wanted to for my cat.

I would never willingly go back to using clump litter, which my previous cat tracked all over the house. The Breeze system is the best!

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I was very happy with the product until I read the review where the woman said her cat died from ingesting the Breeze litter pellets. I did some research on the internet and found a couple more similiar situations. Since I have a dog that loves to eat cat poop I was very scared to use my Breeze and was ready to throw it out. Then I decided to try Feline Pine instead of the Breeze pellets. Well, I think it actually works better for odor control than the Breeze pellets did. I use the sytem the same as with the Breeze pellets, still put the pads in and everything, every night after cleaning out the poop, I take the litter scoop and I rake the Feline Pine pellets around in the box, causing the pine dust to sift thru to the pad along with the free urine that has already sifted thru. Someone else complained that the box starts to stink after a couple of months. Every 3-4 weeks I take my box outside and spray it down with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar and I let it sit for several minutes and then wash with plain water. My box does not have any odor at all. I am very, very happy with this system now. Not only does it do an excellent job at controling odor but its more environmentally friendly this way. ...

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I have a breeze system with a bag of pellets and pads if anyone would like it...FREE!!!! My cat wouldn't use it, she's picky. :-) I got the Breeze system for my cats. I bought 2 of them and will be getting another soon. 2 of my cats are using the Breeze, the 3rd cat is peeing all over my house: the couch, an upholstered chair, the laundry basket, my bed. I am at my wits end. I think I am going to try absorbent pads in a litter box without the litter.

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I tried going to a more "green" system, but the tracking was too much of a problem. After two weeks I went back to the BREEZE system. I love the minimal clean up. I change the pads every week, scoop out the pellets in the spot where the cats (pee) repeatedly, and add just a bit more litter pellets. The feces can't be flushed because of the pellets, but I dispose of in lunch sacks (to minimize plastic bag use) and throw out with the garbage. I've also started adding a little bit of baking soda to the pads after I change them--I think this helps with odor control.

BREEZE Cat Pads are easy to maintain with minimal odor