Breakaway Flea & Tick Collar for Cats

The buckle on the Coastal Pet Safe Cat Collar is designed to release when a cat's collar gets caught, allowing it to slip free. This comfortable nylon collar is available in a wide variety of fun colors to suit your cat's distinct personality! Keep your cat safe with the Safe Cat Breakaway Collar.

- and we also offer it in an elastic style (for cats that lose breakaway collars) here;

Because cats do climb trees and scale fences, they are at some risk for getting their collars caught, but many collars designed for cats have the situation covered. That’s because they’re made to give way under pressure when caught, either by being made of stretchy material (like ) or having a breakaway clasp (like ). Because hanging-down tags are more likely to be caught, you could also check into a slide-on collar tag, such as those from .

Breakaway Flea and Tick Collar for Cats

This collar set has a breakaway buckle for your cats safety. Not to be used with a leash. The design is the epitome of hipster chic – right up my alley. Both the collar and bracelet are made from natural cotton. The cat’s bow tie is gorgeous natural beech. It’s adjustable between 8 and 11 inches for kitty and 5.9 to 9.1 inches for you. The collar’s buckle is a plastic breakaway and it includes a loop for adding a tag or bell.

Breakaway Collar for Cats | Petland Canada

After that I spent forever in the pet store testing the breakaway clasps on all the collars, trying to find the ones that come apart the easiest. I didn't like any of the ones I tested. They only come apart at a certain angle, or with a significant amount of pressure. My cats both wear breakaway collars, but the breakaway part is pretty much redundant because I now keep their collars more than loose enough to slide right off in an emergency. Moxie can easily get her jaw under it to chew it if she wanted, but the important thing to me is she can then get her jaw back OUT. Thankfully, once I loosened up her collar she seemed to be much less annoyed by it and stopped trying to chew it at all.

Breakaway Safety Collar For Cats With Bell

Three different collars were used for the study—plastic buckle collars, breakaway plastic buckle safety collars, and elastic stretch safety collars. A total of 558 cats (and 338 owners) participated in the study. Each cat was randomly assigned one of the 3 collars. The collar, a microchip tag, and a microchip were all applied to the cat at the start of the study. Guardians were contacted after 1 week, then 1 month, and then monthly until the study's end (6 months after the intervention).After explaining to my husband that flea collars do not work, we went shopping for a highly visible replacement collar. The veterinarian verified that flea collars only work around the neck, and when worn outside, they pose a danger that people don’t usually consider. Other cat collars can be dangerous too. My cat’s veterinarian in Albion verified what I already knew. Do outdoor cats need breakaway collars? He said they’re a must if the cat wears a collar outdoors.