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Our cat boarding accommodations are designed to make our feline guests feel right at home. We provide a quiet atmosphere with a friendly touch. Our Pet Care Technicians will professionally care for your cat and ensure that he is healthy and happy. Remember, we care about your cat too!

Does anyone have any recs for a reputable and clean place where I can board my cat for a few days?

At Evergreen Cat Lodge, we want to ensure that our guest accommodations are not only comfortable, but that they are healthy for all of our boarders. That's why our two new heating and ventilation systems have been equipped with state-of-the-art air filtration and purification systems. We've even ensured an odor-free facility by housing litter boxes in custom made enclosures equipped with continuous exhaust ventilation. Our suites are constructed and furnished with materials that lend themselves to thorough cleaning and disinfecting. Plus, for its own health and safety, your cat will reside in its own suite and it will not come into physical contact with other boarders.

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Additional cats: 10% off Must be from the same family and boarded together in the same condo. Please reconsider a professional cat sitter--I've done it both ways and would never go back to boarding. As Jean says, they are licensed and bonded. I had no qualms about them being in the house. I met with ours first and could tell right off she was an "animal person". Our kitty was quite old and required meds, as well as twice a day visits--she would not touch food that sat for more than half a day. The sitter was terrific, leaving a daily log of all their interaction, and Hobie took to her immediately on the "get to know you" visit. Each time we returned it was like "'re back again?"

In the era we were boarding our cats, they were at a vet with a mixed practice. Although I know the food was always offered, both returned thinner. One came home one time with a urinary tract infection. The vet explained that it wasn't unusual for them to try to "hold it" rather than to go on shredded newspaper, and the more nervous of the two evidently had done just that. He was kindly, but the cats were both nervous when picked up. There were dogs boarded too, and even if the rooms were different, and I don't know that they were, the barking could be heard throughout the building. Although they were always the best of friends, sleeping curled up together daily, when picked up from the vet they hissed and carried on as if they'd never seen each other before.

Cats do love being in their familiar surroundings, and although somewhat more expensive, I'd never go back to boarding them again. It was SO much better having the sitter.

We live in a small town with one sitting service used predominantly. They came highly recommended by neighbors, but even if you don't have that situation, they should be willing to interview, and you should get a good sense of what they are like. We found our kitties really were happier in their own home.

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We often boarded our cat Smokey when we went on a trip. We were well acquainted with the vet and the boarding accommodations for pets. We requested an area away from dogs as we knew this made Smokey nervous. We always wrote down her food preferences and what to do in case of an emergency - information, contact numbers, etc. We also left her favorite blanket there to make her comfortable. On occasion, I would call and check on how she was doing.

Once, when we returned home and picked her up, the bill was more than we expected. Apparently, Smokey had a spa treatment - bath, manicure, pedicure and teeth cleaning and who knows what else - which we were not aware of. They deducted this price from the bill and, after that experience, we reminded them not to do any extra treatments unless we requested them. Smokey was not allowed to request spa treatments!

Smokey did just fine. She knew something was going on the minute she saw our suitcases but she knew we would return to get her. She really did not have a problem and was just fine when she returned home.

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