We panicked as we did NOT want to board our cats mostly… read more.

If you are a current customer and your cat is 18 years or older, we are now moving towards a new policy of not boarding elderly cats that require closer medical attention. If you wish to still board them with us, we will require a signed permission slip to do so. This permission slip states that you have been strongly advised to board your cat at a vet, for their safety and well being, and that you have chosen to decline this, and have chosen to have your cat board with us at The Cats’ Inn.

Reservations are required for boarding, so please  to arrange your cat’s stay.

For existing patients, we provide medical boarding. Our services accommodate kitties with complex medical conditions and other special health needs. Whether your cat has diabetes, requires multiple medications, or is in need of some other form of monitoring, rest assured that he or she will be well cared for by Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital’s dedicated staff.

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Cats are still present on many private ships in modern times, such as  on board the second . For the comfort of our guests, we regularly treat our boarding areas with – a popular pheromone therapy product we feature in The Just Cats Store that gives cats a sense of security and well-being.

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Check at your vet's office to see if any of the vet techs also do pet sitting as that is usally cheaper and less stressful for your cats than boarding at the vets.

The prices really vary around the country and I think where I live is at the high end. To board at the vets costs approx $20 per cat per day ($10-20 more if they need any meds etc) and petsitters cost approx $20 for the 1st cat and $5 per additional cat (including any meds). The petsitting prices are for 2 visits a day and its cheaper for 1 visit which would work fine if you have healthy cats.

I've been really happy with the petsitting services the vet tech did especially when I had my elderly cat as they could keep an eye on her and make sure she stayed healthy while I was gone.

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Each kitty "apartment" has its own private window, shelves for the cats to jump on, and a pet-door leading to an individual screened-in area outside. Easy listening music filters throughout the building. All the buildings are clean and odor free. Kennels are vacuumed each morning and litter pans cleaned twice a day. When a boarder goes home his "apartment" is thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected.Cats Only is a new concept in cat boarding, recognizing the needs of both cats and their guardians. The Hotel is a small, quaint operation, run by one very loving caretaker, so your kitty does not have to adjust to a large staff or new faces every day.At-HomeKennels' offers affordable boarding rates, but most importantly wepride ourselves on providing your pets clean and friendlyaccommodations from a loving staff of care givers. Come by any time tocheck out our spotless kennel facilities. We have a communityroom for small dogs and we also offer custom care for both dogs andcats. With advance arrangements we also off Pet Transportation servicesto and from our Kennel. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, debit cards and cash. We do not accept checks. All boarding stays need to be paid upon arrival. If additional charges are incured during your cat's boarding stay, payment will be accepted at the end of the stay.